10 Best Generators to Buy in Nigeria

One of Nigeria’s major issues is power. The power problem in Nigeria really appears to be an insurmountable one.

Over the years, different government administrations appear to have made attempts at fixing Nigeria’s epileptic power supply but have apparently all failed. This leaves Nigerians with no option than to be regular users of generator sets.

The fact that generator sets are one of the most reliable power sources in Nigeria has made the demand for them very high. As a result of this, lots of business people have ventured into the sale of generators. While a lot of them might be of good quality, there are also those of not too good quality. This makes it very important to know the best generator that can be obtained for the price you are willing to spend. The knowledge of this will help you avoid unnecessary expenses on fixing generators.

Lutian LT3600

The Lutian LT3600 generator is a 32KVA generator and is one of the best that can be gotten for the price it is sold. This generator is devoid of fake. This is most likely because it is imported by just one firm.

The Lutian LT3600 generator comes with a 15 liter tank and can only be started manually. It has the capacity to power washing machines of all sizes, deep freezers, and can be used to pump water.

This generator is also very affordable and very fuel efficient. With adequate management and good quality oil, this generator is certain to serve you for a long time.

Firman 3.2KVA Generator-ECO3990ES

The Firman 3.2KVA Generator-ECO3990ES is one of the few generators that was designed with the ecosystem in mind. This generator emits very little fume and also makes very little noise. The friendliness of this generator with the environment means it is one of the generators that should be considered if you want a top quality generator but have very little space for housing it.

The Firman 3.2KVA generator comes with a 15 liter tank. This 15 liter tank when full has the capacity to run smoothly for up to 13 hours when it bears a load that is 50% its capacity.

Elepaq Generator- 1.3KVA-SV2200

The Elepaq generation-1.3KVA-SV2200 comes third on the list of 10 best generators to buy in Nigeria. This generator is a single phase generator and features an alternator brushless electric machine, copper enameled wire,

The Elepaq generator-1.3KVA-SV2200 weighs 26.5 kg, this makes it one of the lightest on this list. This generator runs on petrol and has a 6 liter tank that is capable of lasting for 7 hours when 75% loaded.

This generator can be gotten for N65, 000

Lutian LT2500 2.8kva generator

The Lutian LT2500 generator is a manual generator and cannot be kick-started with the use of keys. This generator runs on petrol and has a fuel tank capacity of 15liters. The Lutian LT2500 2.8Kva features a transition magnet ignition system a lobe oil capacity of 0.6 liters.

The Lutian LT2500 is a 100% copper and low fuel consumption generator set. This generator can be gotten with N53, 500 and is guaranteed to give you value for your money.

Haier Thermocool Junior Max1500

The Haier Thermocool junior Max1500 generator is a very durable generator set. It comes with an amazing engine designed to run continuously for 300 hours. This special quality of this generator is definitely something to die for. This generator does not stop at this, it also has very good fuel efficiency. The Haier Thermocool junior Max1500 generator can be used in not very spacious regions because of its blow vibration and low noise level.

This 22 kg generator has the capacity to comfortably slightly big deep freezers and refrigerators

Haier Thermocool TEC Generator Optima

The Haier Thermocool TEC generator optima is cannot be gotten at a very customer friendly price. It is sold for N316, 000. This device has the capacity to carry up to 3 air conditioners at once and features a device that helps in reducing fuel consumption by up to 15%.

Elepaq 3.5Kva Gasoline Generator

The Elepaq 3.5kva gasoline generator comes with a two year warranty. This simply means it can be used for two years without it developing any major issue. However, for this guarantee to be achieved, this generator must be properly maintained and used with original engine oil.

The Elepaq 3.5kva gasoline generator is very affordable considering what it offers. It can be purchased for 96,000. This 50kg generator is a 100% copper generator and can be kick-started with a key starter.

Lutian Powerful Generator- LT2500-2.8KVA

The Lutian powerful generator-LT2500-2.8kva is an average looking generator. It looks however do not have anything to do with its quality. This generator is of very high quality. It is a 100% copper generator and can conveniently give sufficient power to your home without any form of staggering.

The Lutian powerful generator –LT2500-2.8KVA is known to make very little noise when it works and is considered very fuel efficient.

When used with good quality oil, this generator can work really well for one year without developing issues.

Sumec Generator 1.3kva-ECO1990s

Sumec Firman generator 1.3kva-ECO1990s is one of the recent products from the Sumec Firman generator brand. This generator was designed with average Nigerian families in mind. It is a very suitable generator for fairy big apartments and has the capacity to function properly when loaded with a fridge. However, if loaded with a deep freezer, the Sumec Firman generator 1.3kva-ECO1990s might not function properly.

This generator has a 5.5 liter tank and can run for 9 hours straight when the tank is full and when it is 50% loaded.

The Sumec Firman generator 1.3kva-ECO1990s weighs 24.5 kg and must be used with original oil to ensure it lasts long

Haier Thermocool Generator WITH Remote Control-OGA 6900RAS

This generator is petrol powered and comes with remote control. The Haier Thermocool generator with remote control-OGA 6900RAS is very efficient at reducing fuel consumption. It features a reduction in noise level, a system for reducing the quantity of fumes emitted and a remote control start option.

This generator is considered very friendly to the environment and offers its user good value for money. It can be purchased forN298, 000.

Lots of generators might be considered cheap because of the value they bring to people’s lives. Their use is even more pronounced among business people. Therefore if you most spend that high amount on a generator set, make sure you obtain value for your money.

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