10 Blogging Tips for the Lazy Blogger

We all know how much of a pain in the neck blogging can be, especially when you consider the amount of research, thinking and painstaking effort you’ll have to put in to write every blog post; and then comes the long hours you’ll spend trying to monetize your blog, promoting it on social media, tweaking the design and all that boring stuff.

It’s no wonder some people jump excitedly into blogging with a bright shinny idea in mind but get bored half way through and then lazily abandon their pet project -they just stop caring. I’m here for those kinds of people today.

Feeling so lazy to work that blog of yours? Here are 10 tips for the lazy blogger you should check out…

Spare 2-3 hours for your blog everyday

The issue here is time management. You have 24 hours in a day, let’s say you work for 8-9 hours and sleep for 7-8 hours, that still leaves you with at least 7 hours which you can spend eating, watching TV, talking with friends and all sorts of idle engagements.

You can easily allocate 2-3 hours from those 7 hours and write one or two blog posts for your blog every day. As soon as this becomes a part of you, you’ll discover that you’re already putting more effort to your blog without knowing.

Keep your eyes on the goal

Before you started your blog, what did you have in mind? Who were you aiming to reach?  A lot of blogs failed because their owners just lost focus on their main goal of starting that blog or because they didn’t even have a goal to start with.

If your aim with your blog was to reach millions of readers monthly, then why stop trying when you’ve only got a few hundred readers? You’re not there yet! Put in the keep the enthusiasm going, and you’ll see your blog soar!

Challenge yourself with other top blogs

chess game

Lazy bloggers look at the massive hits other blogs are getting and just wave it off and say ‘well that’s them’. This shouldn’t be the case with you. You’re expected to look at the massive hits other top blogs are getting and aim to beat them sometime soon.

Challenge yourself and say ‘if they can do it, then I can better!’ What are the top blogs doing differently? Why not change your approach instead of posting one article per week or abandoning your blog altogether?

Blog about what interests you

If you start a blog just for the sake of owning a blog, you’ll soon abandon that project sooner or later. Your blog should interest you more than your readers. Be your own number one fan, see your blog as your brain child. If your blog becomes just one more overwhelming responsibility, a time will come when you’ll become so lazy you’d probably forget all about it.

Make your blog something you look forward to everyday. Let it be a part of you, something that makes you happy and you’ll see your blog grow exponentially.

Share your post on social media

Sharing your post on social media is an activity that will help drive away that laziness that threatens to kill your blog. The catch is, each time you share something on social media you grow your blog, and you know you’re reaching people; you know that you have an audience. If that doesn’t jerk you into putting more effort on your blog, then you really should leave blogging -it’s not for you!

Don’t try to do it all at once

What ends up boring and making bloggers lazy is the fact that they put in so much vigorous effort and money while starting their blog, but slowly frizzle out after a few months of unimpressive stats. Consistency is key in blogging. Laziness is when you try to do everything in one day and then do nothing the next day.

Putting in a couple of hours every day consistently, is what you need in order to circumvent laziness, not trying to do all the work in a day.

Don’t let the stats weigh you down


I couldn’t do without talking about stats could I? Some people who know me will smile when they see this; this is because of my frustration during my early days as a blogger. Stats matter a lot in blogging. It is the stats that tells you how large your audience are. I contribute to a website who although they pay very well, do not allow their writers see the number of hits which each article gets. The reason for this is because they do not want any writer to become discouraged by poor stats or become too demanding when their stats hits the roof.

Constantly checking your blog stats every now and then can have two effects on you:

Make you lazy

Make you work harder

My focus on this article is the first point –‘Your stats making you lazy’. We both don’t want this do we? So, instead of spending precious time analyzing and overviewing your stats, just keep up the hard-work on your blog. I would hate for you to look at your stats and feel like ‘Well I could take a week or two off’ or ‘Goodness me! All my effort is yielding paltry results, why waste my time on this?’

Read a lot of how tos

One of the reasons why many bloggers become lazy and complacent is because they just don’t know how to do what they do. They think they do, but actually they are clueless! Researching online and watching videos about how to move your blog forward will have a positive effect on your enthusiasm as a blogger. You can’t read on how to make your blog better and not apply the knowledge gained, except you want to give up on blogging.

Reply your comments

Comments have a way of getting to bloggers. They make you reflect on all the mumbo-jumbo you’ve written and access yourself from some else’s perspective. It would help grow your enthusiasm if you can take out time to look at what your readers are saying in the comments section and reply to as many as you can. Apart from fueling your enthusiasm it will also help you grow your audience when commentators see you care.

Just start caring

reality check

Everything I’ve said above will go to waste if you simply do not care about your blog anymore. Caring about your blog covers for everything. If you care enough then take it from me when I say: “nothing can stop you from reaching the top”. You’re lazy because you just don’t care anymore.

Laziness is not the act of not doing but of not doing enough. What do you think is holding down your blogging career? Tell us in the comments section.


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