10 Lifestyle Changes to Prevent Period Pain

Many women around the world face this scourge known as period pain, menstrual pain or menstrual cramps. Menstrual pain is one of the most annoyingly irritating and energy draining ailments you can find around. In fact for many women, the approach of their periods brings on them a sense of dread and apprehension.

Well, you should know that sometimes, period pain is a monster we ourselves create by our lifestyle. It is also a monster that can be tamed by making some lifestyle changes. As a one who has experienced the floor rolling, sweat churning, mind scattering effects of severe menstrual pain, after so much trials, I can authoritatively say that life style changes is the most likely reason many women are stuck with recurring period pain each month.

These simple lifestyle changes can go a long way in helping you prevent period pain during each monthly cycle:

1 Eat Right

Being on the proper diet can go a long way in preventing those awful period pains. A simple diet change of less fatty and sugary foods and more vegetables and grains can have a surprisingly preventive effect on period cramps. You’d find a list of some vital foods to incorporate in your diet in this article, which also explains how food reduces prostaglandins; a chemical which causes menstrual pain. Now note that eating right is not just about eating the right foods, its also about staying away from any ingestible that causes harm to the human body; caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes, hard drugs etc

2 Exercise


Having a daily exercise habit, in addition to a good diet can go a long way preventing painful periods. Do not wait until you experience painful periods to exercise. Although these exercises have been asserted to reduce period pains, I believe that it can be entirely prevented by incorporating a daily exercise routine into your lifestyle. Exercises that work best are usually those that target the core, increase energy and improve blood circulation.

3 Keep a Period Calendar

Keep a calendar. You have got to learn how to keep a period calendar. A period calendar helps you put in place preventive measures even before your period arrives. For many women, avoiding some foods few days before their period or even taking medications few days before their period completely prevents them from having any period pain or bloating during menstruation.

4 See a Doctor

Menstrual pain might look not like an emergency or a “big” ailment, but I bet that when you’re feeling it, you’d be willing to go to an emergency ward to make it go away. Visiting your doctor is important element in preventing period pains. Your doctor would most likely help identify the root cause of your period pain and recommend treatment that will rid you of it for good.

5 Form a tea habit


If you have read half the articles I have read on menstrual pain, you’d realize how much heat keeps recurring as a way of relieving periods. Tea, asides providing your body with the needed heat, also enriches your body with antioxidants which help boost energy levels and rid you body of fats.

6 Increase fish oil and vitamin B12 consumption

A research by some Danish researchers showed that women with increased intake of fish oil and vitamin B12 reported fewer symptoms and less cramping during their periods compared to those who didn’t take these supplements. The omega-3 fatty acids contained in the fish oil decreases inflammation while B-12 lowers homocysteine levels. Homocysteine is also a possible cause of inflammation.

7 Regular Body Massages


A study by the University of Miami Medical School of women with severe Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) showed that women who received massages showed an increased decrease in anxiety, depression, perceived pain as well as other PMS symptoms. Massage can help prevent menstrual pain by improving blood circulation, reducing back ache and cramps and reducing period bloating.

8 Keep your endorphins boosted

If you are looking to prevent period pains, be sure to keep your endorphins boosted. Endorphins are hormones in the body that have beneficial physiological functions like having an analgesic effect and interacting with receptor in the brain to reduce perception of pain. Known ways to boost endorphin levels include sniffing vanilla or lavender, taking ginseng, taking cocoa, eating spicy food, exercising, laughing, listening to music and having good sex (if you qualify 😉 )

9 Go Herbal

For people who are highly “suspicious” of drugs and injections, you can go herbal to prevent period pain. Nature has more than abundant solutions for period pain. Some herbs that restore your body to its correct balance include chasteberry, dong quai also know as female ginseng, maca, black cohosh, ginko, burdock, fennel, wild yam, ginger and lemon balm. You can also check out more detailed natural home remedies for period pain.

10 Get lots of Sleep

beautiful woman in bed

Yeah, hit the snooze button just this once. Ever noticed that even when you are going through menstrual cramps, you body just wants to sleep? Sleep reduces the anxiety and depressions caused by the awareness of your impending period. A study by Launtenbacher et al in 2006 also showed that not getting adequate sleep can disrupt the pain relief process of your body. However, getting enough sleep can help your body get over certain pains. So if you’ve got your period calendar, be sure to get adequate sleep especially when you’re expecting your period.

Making these lifestyle changes will go a long way in relieving you of that discomforting premenstrual syndrome and period cramps.

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