10 Most Expensive Churches in Nigeria

Gone are the days when the cliché “as poor as a church rat” made perfect sense. The Christian community has gone from being broke to becoming very wealthy. The presence of many expensive cathedrals scattered round the country can attest to this.

It has become a norm for ministries to spend a lot on church buildings. This does not only make the church look attractive, it also makes it very comfortable for worshippers.

Contained in this article are some of the most expensive churches in Nigeria with regards to the cost of their worship center.

Living Faith Tabernacle a.k.a Winners Chapel

Pastored by world famous and super-rich Bishop David Oyedepo, the Living Faith Tabernacle is the most expensive church in Nigeria. It is also one of the most successful and prosperous churches in Nigeria.

Winners chapel was built in one year and was worth N7 billion at completion. Due to an ever increasing membership strength, Winners chapel was expanded to accommodate more members. This church auditorium is one of the biggest in Nigeria with a capacity of over 60,000 members. Also, it is currently worth N15 billion.

The Redeemed Christian Church of God Head Church (RCCG) Head Quarters.

Popularly known for its regular Holy Ghost Congress meetings, the Redeemed Christian church of God boasts of the highest membership strength of any church in Nigeria. A branch of the redeemed Christian Church of God can be found in about every street in Nigeria. Presiding over this ever growing church is Pastor E.A Adeboye.

The headquarters of the Redeemed Christian Church of Nigeria is the biggest church in Africa and in the world at large. It is a 3km by 3km hall and is currently worth N2.3 billion.

Love World Convocation Arena (LCA)

The very prestigious Love World Convocation Arena is the head church of Christ Embassy a.k.a Believers Love world. With a capacity of over 30,000, the Love World Convocation Arena is the biggest air-conditioned church facility in the whole of Africa.

Presiding over this ever growing congregation is world famous televangelist, author and teacher, Rev. Dr Chris Oyakhilome.

As at completion, the Love World Convocation Centre was worth over N2 billion. This facility was completed about a decade ago. Therefore, at the moment, the LCA is worth way more than N2 billion.

The Rock Cathedral, Lekki

The Rock Cathedral, is the head church of House on the Rock Church. It is located in Lekki and is pastored by Pastor Paul Adefarasin, a close follower of Bishop T.D Jakes. House on the Rock is famous for hosting the “The Experience”, a yearly music concert.

House on the rock started in the mid-1990s in a living room, however, it has grown to over 10 branches nationwide.

The Rock Cathedral is one of the most adorned modern church facilities in Nigeria. It is worth N2 billion and is the most expensive Pentecostal church on Lagos Island.

Commonwealth of Zion Assembly, Abuja

The Commonwealth of Zion Assembly is an Abuja based church located on Gusape hills. This church came into limelight about three years ago and is known for its tastefully built church auditorium. COZA as it is popularly known is pastored by the rich and good looking pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo. The Commonwealth of Zion Assembly is famous for its quality music and its yearly music concert called The Avalanche.

The church facility of The Commonwealth of Zion Assembly is worth N2 billion.

House on the Rock Church, Abuja

House on the Rock, Abuja is one of the numerous branches of the House on the Rock Church. It has its head church in Lagos. House on the Rock, Abuja was completed a long time after the completion of The Rock Cathedral, Lekki. The building housing the house on the Rock Church, Abuja is a mighty edifice. It is world about N1.7 billion.

Salvation Ministries Port-Harcourt

Salvation Ministries Port- Harcourt is arguably the biggest and most successful church in Port-Harcourt. It is pastored by Port-Harcourt based healing evangelist and author, Pastor David Ibiyeomie. The Home of Success as this church is also known is about 19 years old and has just a couple of branches in Nigeria. Although this ministry is not exactly popular in Nigeria, it is very widely known in South-South Nigeria.

Home of Success is worth N1.7 billion Naira and hosts five services every Sunday.

World of Life Bible Church

World of Life Bible Church is pastored by former president of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, Pastor Ayodele Joseph Oritsegbugbemi Oritsajafor. The 20,000 member church is located in Warri and is one of the oldest churches in Nigeria on this list.

The World of Life Bible Church is one of the most successful ministries in Nigeria and arguably the biggest in Warri. It is also one of the most expensive churches in Nigeria. The ministry is worth about $150 million while the church building is worth N500, 000,000.

Synagogue Church of All Nations (Scoan)

The Synagogue Church of All Nations is located at IKotun, Egbe, Lagos. It is pastored by Prophet T.B Joshua. This church is responsible for bringing lots of visitors to Nigeria for a spiritual pilgrimage of some sort.

Scoan as it is also known is a world renowned miracle center and also one of the most lavishly decorated church facilities in the world. A visit to this church reminds one of the old temples that existed in bible days.

Although the exact worth of this church is yet to be ascertained, it runs into billions of naira. Therefore, making it one of the most expensive churches in Nigeria.

Daystar Christian Center

Daystar Christian Center is located in Ikeja, Lagos and is one of the known churches in Lagos. This church is pastored by Samuel Adeyemi, a pastor and motivational speaker and is one of the churches known for its music. Regular members of this church include people from all walks of life as well as some of the celebrities well known in Nigeria.

The exact worth of this church is yet to be ascertained. However, its building is worth millions of Naira.

The increase in the budget of church buildings has attracted lots of reactions.  A lot of people believe the church should spend on the poor while some others believe they should pay taxes. This negative reactions have however not slowed down most churches in their bids to erect mighty edifices to serve as worship centers.

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