10 Most Expensive Cities to Live in Nigeria

Living in an expensive city in Nigeria has its downsides and merits. It all depends on how much you earn. For those who earn very well, it might offer you lots of opportunities. However for those who earn little, life might be all about struggles.

The cost of living in a city is considered a thing of pride among most Nigerians. The more expensive a city is, the more respected its residents are by residents of other Nigerian cities. Although the fact that you live in a certain city tells almost nothing about your financial status, it can be seen by some as a show of class.

Here are the most expensive cities in Nigeria


oluma rock

Topping the list of the 10 most expensive cities to live in is Abuja. The FCT is not only the most expensive city in Nigeria, it is also the second most expensive city in Africa.

Abuja is home to the richest class of people in Nigeria; the politicians. This class of people have a lot of money at their disposal. As a result of this, they have an unlimited ability to spend. Although this might be their business entirely, it has affected the prices of most things in the F.C.T.

A plot of land could be as high as 100 million while a detached 6 bedroom duplex could cost as much as a staggering 500 million to 1 billion in Maitama.


Lagos is Nigeria’s commercial capital as well as her biggest entertainment hub. Although not one of the biggest cities in Nigeria by land mass, it is one of the most densely populated.

Lagos is divided into the island and mainland. Apart from the obvious geographical reasons for this, the division into island and mainland doubles as a show of social status.

The presence of many wealthy businessmen and A-list entertainers in Lagos has made rent and other items very expensive. A plot of land on Lagos Island could be sold for as much as 150 million. Lots of people resident in Lagos have resorted in living in slums. This is because lots of them cannot afford to live in descent apartments.

Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt

Oil rich Port Harcourt is home to a majority of the foreign expatriates in Nigeria. With lots of oil workers earning in millions, life in Port Harcourt is really expensive. Most things from apartments to groceries and even school fees are on the very high side.

Although most employees of multinational firms can afford this expensive lifestyle, most other people find it difficult to live comfortably.

Due to the high cost of renting a decent apartment in Port-Harcourt, a lot of indegenes and low income earners live in shanties and lack good toilet facilities.


Warri Nigeria

Warri is a city in Delta state. It is a very prominent city in the Niger delta. Although famous for the wrong reasons, Warri houses some of the richest men in Nigeria.

It is quite surprising that Warri is the fourth most expensive city in Nigeria. Although many question this, Warri makes this list because just like Port-Harcourt, it is an oil city. The fact that it is an oil city means lots of residents of this city earn mouth-watering salaries from big multinational companies.

Survival for those that do not have very good jobs is quite an uphill task in Warri, this has made many of the young men in this city resort to social vices. One of them is kidnapping.



Kaduna is the capital city of Kaduna state, it is also known as “KD” by its residents. It is the second largest entertainment hub in northern Nigeria after the city of Jos.

Kaduna is strategically positioned as both a transportation hub for agricultural produce and a trade center. This is because of its road network and very efficient rail transport system.

Quite unlike most other northern cities, Kaduna is almost equally inhabited by Christians and Muslims. The relative religious tolerance in Kaduna is responsible for a conducive business environment which has helped in boosting Kaduna’s economy.



Asaba is located at the fringe of the Niger River. It is the capital city of Delta state, it is also a prominent city in south-eastern Nigeria. It is a rapidly rising urban center.

Asaba is a meeting point for the western, northern and eastern parts of Nigeria. It connects the north through the Niger River and the east and west though the Niger bridge. The strategic position ASABA occupies in the south east and its closeness to the Niger river has made it a prominent city. This status has an effect on the cost of living in this city.


Owerri is the capital city of Imo state and the heartland of the Igbo people. Apart from being the capital city of Imo state, it is also the largest city in this state.

Although Owerri is neither a commercial nor industrial town, it is a point of attraction for people from all over the eastern part of Nigeria. It is home to a lot of hotels and clubs. This makes Owerri come alive at night.

In addition to the numerous hotels located in Owerri, it plays host to four higher institutions. They include two universities and two polytechnics. The presence of this institutions of learning is partly responsible for the cost of living in this city.



Calabar is the 8th most expensive city in Nigeria, it is also the cleanest city in Nigeria. It is a seaport city as well as the capital of cross river state. Tourism is the major stronghold of Calabar’s economy.

Calabar possesses world class tourism facilities such as Tinapa and Obudu cattle range. Every year, thousands of visitors from all over the world arrive in Calabar to enjoy the beauty and serene environment it has to offer. The regular presence of foreigners in Calabar has an upward effect on the cost of living.

The government of Cross River also organizes an annual carnival called the Calabar Carnival. This carnival is attended by people from all over Nigeria.


Aba Abia State

Aba is the industrial hub of eastern Nigeria. It is the biggest city in Abia state as well as the roughest. Aba is very famous for its made in Nigeria products.

Aba is the 9th most expensive city in Nigeria. Although the reason for this is quite unknown, cost of housing and schooling in Aba is on the high side.

The fact that not everyone in this very busy city earns well has made some residents of Aba adopt a demeaning lifestyle of living in very bad neighborhoods.



Popularly known as the coal city, Enugu is arguably the most prestigious city is South-eastern Nigeria. It is the capital city of Enugu state as well as the former capital of the eastern region.

Enugu is a modern city by Nigerian standards. It is home to the only international airport in the south east.

Enugu is the 10th most expensive city in Nigeria. It owes this position to the real estate activities and security obtainable in it. In addition to the availability of basic amenities in this city, there is the presence of many thriving night clubs. This is a major source of attraction to visitors.

In as much as the cost of living might be high in many expensive cities, there abounds ample opportunities. As a matter of fact, living in an expensive city helps open the minds of people, especially the young.

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