10 Reasons Why Students Fail WAEC Exams

Students often fail or get lesser grades when they do not know all the factors or just do not pay attention to the factors that are vital for passing examinations and getting good grades. Some of the important factors that guarantee exam success and good grades include; attention to details, punctuality in class, method of preparing for exams, approach to study, making good and helpful notes, method of learning, confidence and study related activities.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at why students fail the WAEC examinations. Why do some students despite studying hard fail WAEC?
After the completion of a lot of researches, we’ve come up with some basic reasons why most students fail WAEC (West African examination council).

Here are the Top 10:

1) Dependence On Expo

A lot of students fully depend on expo during WAEC and other exams, without the knowledge that it could actually make them fail. Expo also known as exhibits are contraband pieces of information documented on materials like paper which are used to help to students during an examination in order to enable them pass.

It should be noted that expo are used by so many students today in Nigeria and other West African countries that writes WAEC and as well other countries that do not write the exam. Supposing that you are a student and you depend on expo to pass WAEC or probably any other exam, then you tend not to read at all. You could be disappointed at some situations where the expo is incorrect or when it does not come on time for you to put down on your answer sheets.

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2) Bad Study Habits Or Reading Casually

Some students do not know how to read effectively or they are just lazy to do so. They tend to read school books like story books but they do not take their time to read for exams (WAEC and NECO). Some bad study habits include:

  • Cramming
  • Poor diet
  • Distracted reading
  • Poor time management

3) Not Using Past Questions To Study

Studying for an exam without using past questions is like going to a new environment without using a map. Past questions give you a sense of direction when preparing for exams like WAEC. Supposing that you use past questions, you cannot fail WAEC because they often repeat questions or the questions might be similar. In other words, they follow the same format even if they are not repeated.

4) Studying Without The Syllabus

The syllabus is the list of areas the student should study and internalize. It also most likely where the questions would come from. It is almost impossible for you to read the whole syllabus in Ss3, so it is better to start piece by piece from Ss1. Supposing you study using the syllabus correctly, it is near impossible for you to fail.

5) Having Bad Results From Ss1 To Ss3

External exams like WAEC or NECO demand for your comprehensive result from your school, though some secondary schools forge the results they send to these external bodies. If your school sends your real result and your grades that have been bad since Ss1, it would have effect on you negatively and you could fail the exam.

6) Missing Classes And Tutorials

In many situations, what you put down in exams is not 100 percent of what you read during classes; rather you remember 70 percent of what you hear. When you attend classes or tutorials from very good teachers, it adds to your performance in your exam.

7) Laziness

As you have read above, laziness is one of the key factors why you fail exam particularly external exams like WAEC. Laziness is by far the greatest enemy of a student. In addition, it is possibly the primary reason why most students fail WAEC, NECO or other exams. Laziness can start when you postpone the time you are to read and spend it on other activities like sleeping, playing music, hanging out with friends. You are likelier to pas your WAEC if you put off these bad behaviours and take up your book and read at the right time.

8) If You Attend A Poor Standard School, You Might Fail

Your school can be responsible for WAEC failure. the fact is that if you attend a poor standard school, you’d would most likely fail! Some secondary schools teach students in substandard environment with substandard teachers. Most students do not realise that they do not know much until they face external exams like WAEC or NECO.

9) Not Asking Questions

Also, students who fail WAEC are those who are not eager to ask for help when they need it. By asking questions, students ensure their own success by ensuring that their education meets their individual needs.

10) Poor Support System

Support systems are very vital to success. The students need to have an adult who they can trust to guide them through their exams. Assuming they do not have this, the feeling of helplessness can result in a defeated spirit. It should be noted that students need to be empowered to be in control of their education.
The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) is one of the most important exams a student have to pass in order to either further his/her education or to obtain a good certificate. In order to pass WAEC, it is important that you make your school books your priority.

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