10 Shocking Effects of Pornography

Porn, pono, xxx videos, blue film, whatever name you choose to call it, pornography will remain an ugly thing. If you’re addicted to pornography, we would like to tell you that pornography is a good thing, a healthy thing to do and a nice way to begin and end your day, but we CAN’T! Because it’s not! Pornography is a mind dulling evil that does no good.

Pornography might look enjoyable and interesting in the beginning but the effects of ‘porn’ are simply detrimental and inimical. If you are patient enough to read on, you would discover 10 shocking effects of pornography.

1. Slavery


OK let’s face it, we all know what pornography is all about. The erotic images of men, women and in some vile cases children, doing things that debase human dignity in the name of portraying sexual pleasure.

Research has shown that images and videos containing pornographic material have the ability to enslave users and making them copy and imitate pornographic scenes. They end up having a perpetual image of a porn star or an obscene pornographic scene in their mind. Pornography becomes a form of god to them and they do what they see in pornographic materials, in the end, they have no real sexual relationship with their partner but with pornography inspired mental characters hence they prefer the pornographic image which they’ve grown accustomed to.

2. Depression

Pornography has never been known to give any form of lasting satisfaction to those it enslaves. One of the major side effects of being addicted to pornography is that depression often follows suit.

Such an individual, gradually loses self-esteem, finds pleasure in being isolated, produces less, suffers acute loneliness, becomes jittery etc. Depression caused by pornography could further lead to financial loss due to huge spending to fund pornographic cravings.

3. Desensitization

Normally, a human being is expected to easily get sexually aroused by their partners without the need for any external factors such as pornography. However, research has shown that men and woman who watch a lot of ‘porn’ find it difficult to get sexually aroused by their partners alone. They usually crave to see more graphic pornographic material to get them turned-on. This usually puts a strain on relationships.

The bottom-line here is, watching pornography, dulls and numbs the senses to natural sexual feeling. Pornography gradually reduces the overall sexual satisfaction of a person.

4. Sexual violence

Woman Abuse

A horrible effect of pornography is that, with time, a person who continues to engage in pornography begins to look for more sexual outlets where there are none. A man might become so sexually aroused after looking at pornographic material, the next cause of action would be to find an innocent woman, child and in some vile cases animals to use as a sexual outlet. The result is usually RAPE. On the other hand, women who crave porn might end up sexually molesting younger boys as a means of sexual satisfaction.

According to a study by Dr. W.L. Marshall, it was discovered that many rapists watched pornography before seeking out a rape victim. In Nigeria, the story is no different; men who constantly watch pornography usually find pleasure in seeking and having sexual relations with women and children without their consent (rape).

5. Dangerous, Immoral Sexual Escapades

Pornography has been pointed out to be one of the chief causes of sexual immorality and escapades amongst youths and adults, either married or single. People who watch porn tend to commit more acts of sexual immorality. They want to do everything to achieve the utmost sexual satisfaction which is being portrayed by pornographic scenes. Soon masturbation, having weird expectations of one’s partner, rape, pedophilia, having numerous sexual partners gradually becomes a way of life. Pornography gradually makes a person have tolerance for unimaginable immoral acts.

6. Harm to the soul

Nigeria despite westernization, remains a largely religious country. In Nigeria, there are two main religions, the Christian religion, and the Islamic religion. Both religions teach against all forms of pornography. Jesus Christ warned in Matthew 5 verse 28 that any person who looks lustfully at another has already committed the sin of sexual immorality.

The Muslim Qur’an also warns against women revealing their bodies to anyone except their husbands. This shows that pornography is anti-religion, it leads to sin and it gradually destroys the souls of those who engage in it. Even most of the Nigerian traditional religions promote modesty especially in sexual conduct.

7. Tendency to commit murder


Research has proven that constantly watching pornography can lead an individual into committing violent crimes, one of which murder. An interview of some serial killers showed that pornography was a determining factor in their choice to kill their victim. In Nigeria, many youths, men, and robbers who rape and kill young women are people who have continually watched violent sex violent materials.

Pornography affects the brain so much that when the addict commits acts of murder; he/she might not even know it was their addiction to pornography that led to such act, says Dr. Dobson.

8. Long lasting psychological effect

The effect of pornography on the human brain has been proved to be long lasting by researchers. People who have developed a craving for pornography, find it difficult to let go or stop looking at ‘porn’. They search for more and more pornographic materials every day. They set their sexual enticement bar as high as what they have seen in pornographic scenes. It is scourge which grows on them like cancer. Breaking free from the psychological effect of pornography doesn’t come easy. Professional and spiritual help is usually needed.

9. Innocent victims

Victims of pornography are usually the women and children who get violated by porn addicts. Many innocent women and children have found themselves being helplessly molested by men who have heightened their arousal for sex by looking at looking at pornographic materials.

Pornography has destroyed lives of many people who knew nothing about pornography. They just found themselves at the wrong place at the wrong time and with the wrong person (the porn addict). Moreover, some of the people portrayed in pornographic films are not willing parties to these films; some get involved to pay for their drug habits while others are just physical or mental slaves.

10. Addiction


Arguably the most harmful and shocking effect of pornography is that it is addictive! A person might start by looking at a 1-minute pornographic clip, then he/she looks for more and more pornographic material to look at. The effect of this addiction has all been listed in 1-9 above.  In fact, pornography is said to have the negative brain effects of the world’s worst narcotics combined.

The best way to avoid becoming a pornography addict is to desist from looking at pornographic materials altogether. Find something else that makes you happy. If you feel that the urge to look at pornography is too much, talk to someone about it. An elder, your parent, or someone you look up to.

Remember sinking into guilt and self hate when you fall back into pornography is not going to do you any good. You can’t undo in a day something you’ve done for many months or years. Patiently rid yourself of the habit of pornography.

Got any thoughts on the harmful effects of pornography? Let’s get chatting in the comments section!

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