100 Social Bookmarking Websites to Submit your Blog Today

Social bookmarking is an online service which can be explored by bloggers to increase their blog traffic. Usually, many Nigerian bloggers focus on the major social media websites as the main means of driving traffic to their blogs and totally ignore other great social bookmarking websites which could have done them equal service if employed.

In social bookmarking, you get to save websites you would like to revisit, not on your device but on a website that provides bookmarking service.

Social bookmarking can be a means of submitting links to your blog pages (articles) to publicly accessed websites. Simply put, it’s a bookmark created by you, on the web, which can be accessed from anywhere at any time and by anyone.

Like I said earlier, social bookmarking drives traffics to blogs, but that’s not all. Social bookmarking also gives your blog more visibility, branding and the opportunity to be seen by millions of people worldwide. The effect of this is simple -your blog becomes a money spinning venture and your ranking begins to climb higher.

I know you must be itching by now to see my list of social bookmarking websites that could help put your blog on the map of the blogosphere; find it below:

  1. facebook.com

Facebook has become one of the most popular social networking website on the planet. Of the numerous features obtainable from Facebook, social bookmarking ranks the highest with bloggers. Some bloggers do social bookmarking on Facebook without even knowing what it means. Now you know…’you don sabi.

  1. twitter.com

It’s always a tough battle between Facebook and twitter for who drives more traffic. Twitter is a renowned for helping blogs generate traffic and is one social bookmarking website which no one can ignore.

  1. reddit.com

Reddit has been around for some time now and is rapidly growing in popularity. This social bookmarking website has millions of subscribers and will definitely go a long way in growing your blog’s traffic if put to use. Submit your blog on Reddit and see what happens.

  1. plus.google.com

Google have their noses in everything these days and that includes social bookmarking. Google plus is one of the social bookmarking websites you should submit your blog pages too, so as to increase social shares and traffic.

  1. pinterest.com

Pinterest also works like the above-listed websites in terms of social bookmarking. Register and start bookmarking!

  1. tumblr.com

Tumblr helps bloggers grow their business, by allowing users share blog posts, follow blogs and post links.

  1. fark.com

Fark allows you to post links to your blog which are then highlighted on their website. Fark.com might not be so popular but it will also help drive traffic to your blog.

  1. slashdot.org

You can post links and save your blog bookmark on slashdot.org. You must be logged in to submit your bookmarks, although you can create anonymous posts and backlinks.

  1. bibsonomy.org

You can easily create and manage bookmarks for your blog on this website, although this is a scientific bookmarking website.

  1.  blinklist.com

Blinklist highlights all social bookmarks posted on their website by users. You can submit your blog on blinklist after you register.

  1. delicious.com

Delicious is one of the oldest social bookmarking websites around. It started in 2004 as www.del.icio.us but was later bought by Yahoo and now is owned by Science Inc. If you can get your links on this website and it would surely be seen by millions.

  1.  stumbleupon.com

StumbleUpon garners saved bookmarks created by users preferences and uses them to populate her feeds. You can create your bookmarks by registering on the website and logging in. I really like this website. They even have an app built for the website.

  1.  scoop.it

Simply sign up for free on the website and publish your content. It’s sure to be seen by thousands of people.

  1.  newsvine.com

You can sign up on Newsvine, create your bookmarks and it publish a backlink to your blog.

  1.  nairaland.com

Nairaland has grown to become Nigeria’s number one social bookmarking website. If you want to grow your Nigerian blog audience Nairaland works a treat!

  1. bizsugar.com

Bizsugar also allows you to create links to your blog and post articles aside from just creating bookmarks.

  1.  digg.com

Digg is quite popular in the blogosphere for being a great bookmarking website. Continuous submission of your blog posts to this website will do your traffic the world of good.

  1. dzone.com

You can submit your blog to Dzone if it has something to do with information technology (IT).

  1. diigo.com

Diigo is also a great social bookmarking website that which helps users manage websites they would love to visit later. Sign-up and submit your blog to improve your blog traffic.

  1. http://f1works.in

This website allows you to submit bookmarks and links to your blog while they get voted for and accessed by members of the website. You need to register first.

Below are other social bookmarking websites you can submit your blog too…

Many of them are an invaluable resource to bloggers in their quest for more traffic. I urge you to spare nothing in propelling your blog to unimaginable heights…

  1. folkd.com

At folkd.com, users bookmark websites while other users can see a highlight of the book

  1. arizonavalueshuttle.com

This is a social bookmarking website that also gives you the opportunity to submit your blog posts and have them voted for by users.

  1. bizsugar.com

You can also submit your bookmarks on Bizsugar

  1. youmob.com

You can register and log in on youmob and create a bookmark to your blog as a mob.

  1. iesa.co

You can also create bookmarks on iesa and have the website highlight a preview of each bookmark submitted to the site.

  1. Freelink.org

Freelink provides users free pages of links that you can access anywhere at anytime.

  1. qqpipi.com

Although quite unpopular, qqpipi publishes complete articles from bookmarked blogs. Users who use this website can then rate the published article.

  1. http://www.startaid.com/

Blogs submitted startaid usually rank higher on  google because of the amount of SEO work which has been this website’s admin. You can create bookmarks on this website.

  1. hyperlinkomatic.com

Hyperlinkomatic is a bookmark link manager that maintains a repository of bookmarks created by users. These bookmarks are then used to populate feeds.

  1. registertovotetoday.com

You can submit your blog bookmark to registertovotetoday and it will be highlighted for users to review.

  1. http://www.i89.us/

This website offers a free service which allows you to save your favorite website/links at one location that can be accessed from anywhere.

  1. ikeepbookmarks.com/

You can add links to your blog while surfing this website. The website offers a pop-up feature to do this

  1. kinja.com/

Kinja is a blog guide which collects news and articles from other blog which were submitted to it. You can submit yours too.

  1. Iloggo

Iloggo is a bookmarking website that you can use for attractively displaying your blog and they get reviewed on the site.

  1. usefulenglish.net

You can submit your blog as a bookmark on usefulenglish and have it previewed on the website.

  1. bookmark4you.com

Bookmark4you helps you remember your favorite pages of the internet. You can add Bookmarks to your blog and share interesting links for free! There are already 16,408,691 bookmarks on the blog.

  1. aperfectimage

On clicking the above link, you will be taken to a website that lets you share bookmarks to your blog, you have to observe some site rules, though.

  1. http://bestouyagames.info

You can also submit bookmarks and your blog on bestouyagames. A few site rules apply but that shouldn’t be a problem.

  1. http://cabaneduvelan.info

You can submit links to this site for free after registering. If you submit irrelevant links you could get banned.

  1. http://chaoticcoding.info

Chaoticcoding works by allowing you submit bookmarks into saved categories. Whatever the case it gets you more hits.

  1. http://bynu.info

Simply share your blog pages on BYNU, the website is a growing social bookmarking website. Submission is free.

  1. http://cocosislandsnews.info

Looking for more hits on your blog? Why not submit your blog posts to cocoislandsnews?  They only accept news post, though.

  1. guter-punkt.info

Guter-Punkt is another great social bookmarking option you could  try  out.

  1. desert-dwellers.info

Adhere to their site rules and you have nothing to worry about. Just go ahead to create bookmarks to your blog.

  1. jayrigby.info

Jay Rigby is a social bookmarking website that manages bookmarks created by users and works quite similar to other bookmarking sites.

  1. jordaninfo.info

Jordaninfo keeps users bookmarks and uses it to populate its website news feed. The posts can then be linked back to the user’s blog.

  1. midascareteam.info

Midascareteam also provides information to its huge readers by keeping a database of users bookmarks. You can submit your blog to this website. It’s free.

  1. punteglias.info

You can submit a link to your blog on Punteglias. This is a social bookmarking website created for the purpose helping bloggers get more hits.

  1. http://saintpierreandmiquelonnews.info

You can submit links to your saintpierreandmiquelonnews for free and get readers to vote for them.

  1. sendgift.info

Sendgift allows users to register, login and submit links to blogs they visit. You can take advantage of this by submitting links to your blog post.

  1. http://salbithuette.info

Salbithuette is a social bookmarking website that also gives users the opportunity to save links to the website they visit.

  1. http://skinnybikiniswimwear.info

Skinnybikiniswimwear is a website created specifically for social bookmarking.

  1. http://wildernessact.info

Wildernessact is also a good social bookmarking website you should consider submitting your blog to.

  1. http://www.emolinks.com

Emolinks is a good social bookmarking website which allows submission of bookmarks or long list of categories.

  1. http://theineptowl.info/

Theineptow allows users to log in and creates bookmarks to their blogs to help them drive traffic.

  1. x-drl.info

X-drl is another great option for social bookmarking.

  1. http://yemle.com

Don’t be surprised if you see a few posts in Russian or other languages on Yemle, it’s because they accept a wide range of blog submission in native languages.

  1. http://www.mysitevote.com

At mysitevote, you can vote for your favorite website and see what others voted for. Bloggers can submit their blogs for free!

  1. bookmarkwiki.com

You can submit your bookmarks on bookmarkswiki for free, and have them viewed by thousands of daily visitors.

  1. a1bookmarks.com

A1bookmarks is a social bookmarking website with lots of categories that meet various user needs. Submit your blog here to improve your website hits.

  1. popzu.com

Popzu is another great option for social bookmarking. Just login and start bookmarking.

  1. http://www.mywebdesktop.net/

Mywebdesktop is a social bookmarking website, designed to serve as easily accessible websites database, created by users. It is quite easy to use.

  1. http://www.segnalo.it/

The .it extension already tells you this is an Italian social bookmarking website. But they accept blog submission from English blogs.

  1.  a2zbookmarking.com/

You can register and start submitting bookmarks and articles from your blog on a2zbookmarking.

  1. addthismark.com

Simply register login and start adding bookmarks. You can also submit your blog posts and have them bookmarked by others.

  1. postolia.com

Register and submit your blog posts on postolia in whatever language you write them.

  1. bookmarkindonesia.com

Bookmarking Indonesia is an Indonesia-based social bookmarking website, but it can be accessed by anyone from anywhere.

  1. http://www.blogbookmark.com

Blogbookmark is constantly being updated by interesting articles from bloggers who are registered on the website. You can join for free.

  1. http://bookmarkingbase.com

Bookmarkingbase is a good repository of social bookmarks created by users. Register and start submitting your blog posts.

  1. 1look4

Immediately you register on 1look4, you will be free to start submitting the URL to  your blog post.

  1. what-is-internet.info

You’re also allowed to submit your blog on What-is-internet, but you have to first register.  The website shows a preview of submitted blog posts.

  1. http://3-peace.info

3-peace is a news website that also allows users to create bookmarks. You can submit your blog post on this website if they are informative and news-like.

  1. http://www.wirefan.com/

Wirefan populates its feeds from blog submitted to it. The website categorizes bookmarks into the following categories Business, Sports, Entertainment, Lifestyles, and Technology.

  1. bookmarkinghost.info

Bookmarkinghost is a social bookmarking website that also populates news feeds via a post made by bloggers. The website has a good ranking on google.

  1. http://www.newsciti.com

Just like many bookmarking websites, NewsCiti generates news feed via created bookmarks and submitted posts by bloggers. You can submit your blog to this website.

  1. indofeed.com

You can create bookmarks and submit your blog on indofeed and get each post voted for. However, you must first register.

  1. sociopost.com

You can create an account on this website and create your bookmarks. You can also submit your blog posts and have them reviewed by the sociopost editors before being published. The website will link your post back to your blog.

  1. greateststory.info

Aside from creating bookmarks on Greateststory, users can also submit post and links to their website.

  1. chamberbase.com

Chamberbase is a social bookmarking website that manages bookmarks by users and allows visitors to post articles.

  1. onlinewebmarks.com

On this website, you are allowed to save your online bookmarks after you have signed up. You can also submit your blog here.

  1. socialbookmarknow.info

You can submit your blog posts to socialbookmarks and have them published on the website, but first you must register.

  1. milocalbuilder.com/

Milocalbuilder is a social bookmarking website which manages web bookmarks by users and allows to submit your blog posts after you register.

  1. falcobio.com

Falcobio allows registered bloggers to submit their blog posts, with a link back to their blog, thereby helping them grow traffic.

  1. http://www.guiderank.com/

Guiderank helps blogs grow traffic and rank by checking all the right boxes for a social bookmarking website. You can register and start bookmarking.

  1. 6buk.com/

6buk is a social bookmarking website allows users to submit article on the website, the article is then reviewed by visitors and will be promoted, based on popularity, to the main page.

  1. http://www.inotekarge.com/

Inotekarge is a social bookmarking website that promotes blog post submission by website visitors. To submit your blog posts, you must first register.

  1. http://mybestlinks.xyz

This site helps you manage bookmarks and uses your saved bookmarks to populate your news feed. Register and submit your blog posts.

  1. fortunetelleroracle.com

This social bookmarking website is well designed and allows users to add bookmarks while bloggers can submit their blog posts to improve traffic. Posts get voted for.

  1. bookmarkgroups.com

Bookmarkgroups is a social bookmarking website that allows bloggers and website owners to submit posts to their blogs. Users can also create online bookmarks after registering on the site.

  1. socialbookmarkzone.info

You can register, login and easily create bookmarks you would like to revisit on this website. You can also submit your blog posts if you are a registered user.

  1. bookmarkbay.com

You can share your blog posts on bookmarkbay and have it seen by thousands of their daily visitors. You can also create bookmarks on the website.

  1. favoor.com

Another good social bookmarking website you should check out is Favoor! The website allows users to see other websites bookmarked by fellow users.

  1. http://freeticketopen.com

Freeticketopen is a social bookmarking website that creates news feeds based on users bookmarks. You can submit your blog posts on the website for more hits.

  1. http://transd.info             

Transd is free to use social bookmarking website which you can utilize to increase your hits.

  1. windowly.com

Windowly gives users the opportunity to save bookmarks online, while bloggers can post stories with links to their blog.

  1. http://www.awquinn.com/

You can register, login and submit your blog posts for free on this website. The website populates its feeds with bloggers submissions.

  1. claimbookmarking.com

Claimbookmarking is a free and easy to use social bookmarking website. Just like many of the others, feeds are populated using posts submissions by registered users.

  1. http://www.bookmarkcounts.com/

You can also submit your blog to this social bookmarking website and have every post published and voted for.

  1. http://addthismark.com

The website is constantly being updated by bloggers who want their content to be seen by more users worldwide. Join the band by signing up.

  1. http://www.bookmarkfeeds.com

Bookmarkfeeds simply populates news feeds using bookmarks saved by bloggers who submit their post to the website.

Get it done with these social bookmarking tools!

It would also be very tedious and time-consuming to submit your blog to all the social bookmarking websites listed above. However, it is advised that you employ a few social bookmarking tools such as listed below to assist you in doing this:

  1. JetPack Publicize
  2. Hootsuite
  3. OnlyWire
  4. Twitterfeed
  5. IFTTT
  6. Buffer
  7. Revive Old Post
  8. SocialMarker

You can easily find the above tools on google.

Finally, it is important to exercise caution when using social bookmarking sites. Spamming could lead to your blog getting banned from these websites. Happy blogging!

Did we miss any vital social bookmarking site? Let us know in the comments section!

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