Top 20 Interesting Places to Visit in Ogun State Nigeria

Ogun state is a state in South-West Nigeria which was created in 1976. It has Abeokuta as its capital and is bounded by Ondo state, Lagos state, Oyo state and the Benin Republic. Ogun state might be one of the very attractive states in Nigeria, it is, however, one state is a good number of tourist attractions.

Olumo Rock, Abeokuta

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Located in Abeokuta, Olumo Rock is unarguably the most visited tourist attraction in Ogun state. This rock is characterized by lots of caves and also served as a shelter for the Egba people during numerous inter-tribal wars. Over the years, the facilities in Olumo rock have been upgraded to accommodate tourists from all parts of the world.

Lisabi Sacred Forest, Abeokuta

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Although a lot of visitors consider Lisabi forest to be nothing more than a haven for endangered animals, reptiles and birds, this forest is considered sacred by the indigenes of Ogun state. The Lisabi forest is bordered by the Ogun River in the west and the Tegbelu stream in the south. If you have never been to a forest before, Lisabi Sacred forest is a place you should visit as the experience will definitely be worth the while.

Bilikisu Sungbo Shrine, Abeokuta

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Located not very far from the gigantic and famous Olumo Rock, Bilik isu shrine is believed to have been masterminded by Sungbo Eredo hundreds of years ago. If you are expecting to see some statures which serve as gods at Bilikisu shrine, then, you might be disappointed. This shrine is basically made up of 70feet high and 100mile long wall.

Ebute Oni Tourist Beach, Abeokuta

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Uncovered by fishermen several years ago, the Ebute Oni tourist beach has become a tourist attraction in Ogun state. This beach does not just offer you the opportunity to enjoy the sea breeze and watch the waves in a distance, you can also decide to lodge here for a few days as it has chalets built for tourists.

Madam Tinubu Shrine, Ilaro

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Madam Tinubu shrine, also known as Iberekodo shrine is a shrine in Ilaro. The fact that this place is a shrine might put off a lot of people. However, one amazing thing about the Madam Tinubu shrine is that it is a shrine where water comes out of the ground.

Abeokuta Museum, Abeokuta

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If you want to know about the history and the way of life of the people of Ogun state, then, a visit to the Abeokuta Museum is non-negotiable. Contained in this museum are artifcats such as weapons of war that were made use of by the early inhabitants of Abeokuta. A visit to this museum will leave you much more knowledgeable about the people of Ogun state than you have ever been.

Osuuru Water Spring, Imeko

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Located in Imeko/Afon Local Government Area, the Osuuru water spring is truly a sight to behold.  This spring has its source in a nearby rocky hill. It then flows across a flat surface and down a valley. The source of this spring is still unknown even to the indigenes of Osuuru, also, it flows both in wet and dry seasons.

Centenary Hall, Abeokuta

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The centenary hall in Abeokuta is situated opposite the Ake’s palace. This hall is a very significant building to the people of Abeokuta. It serves to remind them of the past years of war and the current peace they enjoy. The centenary hall was built in 1950 and signifies a 100 years of peace to the people of Abeokuta.

Sam Health Farm and Holiday Resort, Ota

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Sam Health Farm and Holiday Resort is one of the most sought-after resorts in Ogun state. This resort is both ideal for relaxation and fun activities. If you are in need of a place to relax after fishing or swimming, Sam health farm and Holiday Resort is that place. In addition to swimming, you can also learn to ride a horse in this resort.

Oluwu’s Palace, Owu

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The Olowu’s palace is one of the few places where you can get to know a lot about the people of Owu land. Contained in this palace are lots of materials that explain the history of the Owu people. This palace is home to the king of Owu kingdom and houses artifacts that date as far back as 1855.

Itoku Market, Abeokuta

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Itoku Market, located very close to Olumo Rock is a market in Ogun state that is notable for tie and dye. The traders at this market who also double as producers of tie and dye fabrics are very easy going and are always willing to answer any questions regarding tie and dye. Apart from getting to watch people produce tie and dye fabrics, you can also purchase some of the fabrics at affordable prices.

June 12 Cultural Center, Abeokuta

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If you have not been to June 12 convention center, you might consider it a place that was built for the purpose of politics. Well, in as much as its name is somewhat related to politics, June 12 convention center is a relaxation spot. It features a cinema, a swimming pool, and an amusement park. Also, if nightlife is your thing, you can hang out at the bar or better still, spend some time at the club.

Palace of the Alake of Egbaland, Egbaland

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If you want to have a look at the first Bible that was brought to Nigeria by missionaries, then the palace of the Alake of Egbaland is a place that you have to visit. A look at the first Bible in Nigeria is definitely not the only thing to be gained by visiting this palace. You can also get to know the history of the famous Egba people.

Oranna Stature, Ilaro

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Named after one of the greatest warriors that lived in Ogun state, Oranna statue is situated in a shrine in the town of Ilaro. ThIs stature was built in honour of Oranna, after he successfully defended the people of Ilaro from intertribal wars that destroyed them in ancient times. Although a lot of people believe the stories surrounding the Oranna stature are all legends, in spite of this, the point of disappearance of the great warrior still exists to this day. It is signified by a long chain which was tied to his waist when he was alive.

Omo Forest Reserve

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Omo forest reserve should be visited by anyone with a keen interest in Agriculture. This forest reserve is considered the most complex vegetation in Nigeria. It derives its name from the Omo tree and supports the growth of over 8000 plant species.

Itoro Hall, Ijebu Ode

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Itoro hall is known as the palace of Awujale. It, however, was not always the palace of Awujale. Itoro hall has played host to some of the biggest traditional rulers in Yorubaland. This hall was constructed in 1941. After hosting a meeting among the five major Obas in Yorubaland, it was converted to the palace of Awujale.

The Second Story Building in Nigeria, Ota

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Not a lot of people consider the building of St James Anglican Church to be something special. Well, unknown to a lot of people, that building came into existence in 1842 and is the second story building in Nigeria. If you have visited the first story building in Nigeria, then a visit to the second story building should be your priority.

Sedoke Memorial Cenotaph, Abeokuta

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This memorial cenotaph was constructed in honour of Olubiyi Akinrinlewo Sodeke. He was believed to be one of the first traditional rulers to receive the gospel of British missionaries with joy. This cenotaph is one that should be visited by everyone that practices the Christian religion because of its significance in the spread of Christianity in Ogun state.

Yemoji Natural Swimming Pool, Yemoji

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If you are unaware of the existence of a natural swimming pool, then you need to come to Yemoji. This natural swimming pool is located close to Ijebu ode town. Unlike artificial swimming pools which are blue in colour, Yemoji natural swimming pool is a little muddy. That, however, does not take away the fact that it is a great place to go for a swim after a stressful day.

Iwopin Boat Regatta, Iwopin

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Located in Iwopin is the Iwopin boat Regatta. This boat regatta plays host to some major festivals in Iwopin town. It is also a great place to go for a ride. If you have never experienced a water-related festival in Nigeria, then, you can schedule your visit to coincide with a festival at Iwopin.

All the above-named places are quite affordable for people with average incomes. Money, therefore, won’t be a challenge to anyone with the intention of visiting a couple of these places.

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