15 Tips for Increasing Backlinks to Your Website

Backlinks are an undeniable asset to bloggers; not just any backlink, though, I mean backlinks from top blogs from around the web. Backlinks are a sure way to massively improving your blog’s search engine ranking and ranking in general.

In this article, I will give you a few tips on how you can increase the number of high-quality backlinks to your blog.

Just waiting for backlinks to appear naturally because you think you’ve written the best content ever seen by man is a no-brainer. You have to have do something, friend!

Try out these 15 tips and let us know your result. 

  1. Interact with top bloggers from other blogs

You can get backlinks from top blogs within your niche simply by interacting top bloggers. If you know a couple of bloggers whose blogs are a real hit on the internet, I suggest you get closer to them, follow them on twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.

Respond to their shared thoughts on these networking sites, leave viable and meaningful comments on their blog posts and drop a link to yours if you’ve written something that tow that line. The backlinks will follow.

  1. Submit your posts on social bookmarking websites

Social bookmarking websites can be a great help to your quest for backlinks generation if put to productive use. The idea is, a lot of top bloggers usually scan through these websites for quality content, so if one of your posts that really makes sense is there, you’ll definitely get a backlink from a top blogger who finds it helpful.

Here’s my list of 100 social bookmarking websites that you can submit your blog posts to

  1. Answer questions on forums such as Warrior and Quora

Some forums can bring you plenty of backlink juice if you’re an active participant. In most cases, you find other bloggers who are searching for answers to different questions on topics; you could answer those questions if you have an idea and even drop a link a to your blog if you’ve posted something related before, it’s more likely you’ll get a backlink from these bloggers.

Forums such as www.quora.com and www.warriorforum.com are great options, to begin with.

  1. Start a thread on a top forum

Still, on forums, you could start a thread and drop a relevant link pointing back to your blog. People, especially bloggers frequent forums to keep up with the trend. Your thread on a forum could generate plenty traffic for your blog and handful of backlinks too.

Forums such as Quora and Nairaland will give you this opportunity.

  1. Submit guest posts on top blogs

There are hundreds of top ranked blogs who are willing to accept guest posts from quality bloggers for a chance to link back to your blog. You can make use of this opportunity and write good content for these blogs.

Aside from just getting high-quality backlinks, your popularity as a blogger also increases.

  1. Link your posts to other post on your blog

It’s also a proven fact that linking internally or interlinking helps you grow your number of backlinks. This is so because visitors tend to spend more time reading your posts and are even more likely to link back to one of your posts if they are bloggers.

Linking internally also helps with your SEO too.

  1. Contact a social media influencer

Social media influencers can also help you grow your backlinks. Of course, you know what they do; these guys take promotion and marketing to a whole new level. You can simply send them an email or send them a DM on a social network; although interacting with them by responding to their posts have proven to work better.

  1. Link to other top blogs

Although this might take some time but it’s one sure way of getting top quality backlinks to your blog. If you consistently link to other top blogs they will most likely return the favor. These top bloggers usually use Analytics like Ahrefs, so they know who is linking back to them; they are likely to give you a backlink if they find your content related to their niche (of course it should).

  1. Broken link building

Helping other bloggers fix broken links is one viable way of getting backlinks to your blog. Fixing broken links is not really a difficult task. All you need to do is find them (broken links) first. When you do, you can then contact the blog owner (blogger) or webmaster and tell them they are linking to a website/blog which is no longer active. You can go a step further by suggesting a new and working link for the blogger/webmaster. Finally, you can then make a request for a backlink to your blog if you have a related content; this request is usually difficult to turn down considering the work you’ve done.

You can find broken links related to your blog by searching on Google or by using a Chrome plugin called ‘Check my Links’.

  1. Promote your posts

If you want other bloggers to take notice of your content and give you backlinks, you have to put your content on their faces – it’s as simple and as difficult as that.

Promote every post aggressively in whatever legal and viable way you can. Let people know you’ve just dropped a fresh, and unique content and you’ll see your backlinks plummet.

  1. Donate to nonprofits

There are tons of non-profit organizations who own blogs and websites within your niche; you can easily get backlinks from them if you give a small donation to their course. Usually, this method is sure to generate plenty backlinks although it comes at the cost of your donation.

  1. Be unique

This one is simply black and white! If you’re the first to write it, then many people will have little choice but to link back to you.

  1. Write tutorial posts

If your post is teaching people how to do something they didn’t know before, it’s most likely they would link back to your blog if they ever want to write something similar.

  1. Offer gifts and freebies

Everyone loves a gift or at least a freebie. If you can offer a gift to some of your loyal readers, they will, in turn, spread the word about you, by creating backlinks to your blog. Of course, you can make ‘creating a backlink’ one of the criteria for receiving your gift – this really works.

  1. Write a ‘comparison’ post

Posts where you compare two top companies, two top bloggers or two top products usually get lots of backlinks. I’ve written posts like this and I got results so I won’t round up without telling you to try same.

Like every other thing you have to do in your blogging career – generating backlinks require some level of commitment from you, reading is the easy part, now get to work.

Let me know your thoughts on these tips, did you find them helpful?

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