2 Die, Mosque Burnt in Enugu Over N100 Disagreement

A disagreement that ensued because of none payment of a balance of N100, has resulted in a bloody clash between Igbo and Fulani which led to the death of two persons at the Gariki Market, in Enugu.

Our source revealed after he visited the Gariki market yesterday (Thursday), that the deseased persons were identified as Ifeacho Ifeanyi, an Enugu indigene and Ali, a Fulani who sold meet.

Some of the eyewitnesses, who narrated the incident, explained that, problem started when Ali, came to have his cow slaughtered at an abattoir located in the Gariki Market.

Eyewitnesses said, Ali, a meat-seller, usually had his cows, slaughtered at the abattoir located at the New Artisan Market, in Enugu; however, a similar incident which happened at New Artisan market, were two people (including a policeman) from the north and east lost their lives over a disagreement, led to the New Artisan market being shut down by the police – hence Ali had to patronise the New Gariki abattoir.

Ifeanyi on the other hand, usually slaughtered cows for butchers at the abattoir in new Gariki market and had slaughtered Ali’s cow for him for the normal fee of N500, however, trouble started when Ali only paid Ifeanyi N400 for the slaughter of his cow.

Ifeanyi bluntly refused to accept the N400 and requested that Ali pays him his complete N500, to which Ali refused. The bone of contention here being the N100 balance.

Things soon went sideways as a violent fight ensued between Ifeanyi and Ali. Ali allegedly brought out a dagger and stabbed Ifeanyi severally in the stomach, spilling his guts.
Ifeanyi slumped and gave up the ghost on the spot.

Ali however, was killed almost immediately, as Igbo traders, who could not contain their anger, mobbed him and beat him to death before he could make an escape.

The irate Igbo traders went further by burning a mosque located inside the Gariki Market, where the large population of northerners in the market worships.

But for the arrival of armed riot policemen at the market, there would’ve been a total breakdown of law and order.

Spokesman for the Enugu State Police Command, Mr. Ebere Amaraizu, who spoke on the incident, said the police had restored peace and order to the New Gariki market.

The Police spokesman went on to say that the police was on the ground to prevent any further reprisal riots that could happen while the police continues it’s investigation.

“Two persons were confirmed dead yesterday (on Wednesday) in the course of a clash between an easterner and a northerner over a misunderstanding that arose between them in the evening at Gariki Awkunanaw Market.

“Security has been beefed up in the area by the Enugu State Commissioner of Police, Douglas Agbonleni, to avoid escalation and breakdown of law and order.
“A full-scale investigation has commenced into the incident.” 
Amaraizu said.

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