Comprehensive List of Websites for Freelance Writers

The world of work has really evolved from people having a job of 9 to 5 pm, reporting at an office to a boss that might be nice or not, waiting at the end of the month for salaries to what people now call freelancing. People who have one type of skill or the other prefer to do private jobs for different clients. Skills can be writing, coding, web design, graphics design, editing, malware removal and more.

Writers on the other hand seem to be in high demand so are always included in most of websites available. In this piece we would sharing websites where you can sign up as a writer and make some good money too.

Fiverr: This has a wide range of people marketing different skills which is called gigs. You can also sign up as a writer, update your profile and write different gigs that can get you in front of potential clients. A gig can be this, “I can write a 700 word article for $15”.

People Per Hour (PPH): This is UK based freelance website that also has many people showcasing and selling their skills. This platform is good in such a way that someone as far as in the UK can contact someone in Nigeria to do a job for them. Writers have a wide slot for different kinds if writing too.

Freelancer: This is one of the largest platforms for freelancers especially writers, editors, translators, researchers and more. You can see as projects and works are uploaded; so you can actually be the first to bid for a project.

UpWork: This is another freelance platform for different types of professionals to do works for other people. Writers can also benefit from this platform.

Freelance Switch: This is site is very popular with over 35,000 subscribers and multiple writers. There are different kinds of content on news, opinions, blogs and client relationships.

Web Worker Daily: It is blog of wisdom from multiple writers for those who work from home.

Pro-Blogger: A website for freelance bloggers and writers. They also offer advice on guest blogging.

Copyblogger: It has over 55,000 subscribers offering advice on copywriting, marketing and social media along with blogging practices.

ContentMart: This is an Indian platform that connects writers to people who want different jobs done. You are sent emails of jobs that are posted daily.

Remarkablogger: This teaches the ways of blogging and tips that are needed.

Get Paid to Write Online: shares tips on how one can build successful career writing.

The Renegade Writer: This is a blog of freelance best practices.

Bizzia: Used to be known as The Golden Pencil has archives of gems for freelancers.

The Urban Muse: Freelance writing tidbits that has been around since 2006. It is about how to be frugal as a freelancer.

Listverse: Writers are paid as high as $100 per listified article.

The Writing Journey: A freelance writing advice from Bob Younce.

Ink Thinker: This website is must-read for all freelance writers Kristen King.

The Writer’s Blog: Writing advice from freelance writer Dana Prince.

The Writer’s Manifesto: Monika Mundell’s blog on freelance writing tips.

Your Freelance Tips: This is a blog on freelance writing wisdom and leads. There is also a post on how writers can write business plans for themselves.

Daily Freelance Writing Tips: The blog contains practical writing tips for freelancers.

Copywrite Underground: This site explains the ins and outs of the marketing industry as a freelancer.

Mashable: This is social media media blog where writers can further their careers as freelancers.

Freelance Parent: Here a couple discuss what it takes to raise children and a family while working from home.

Writing White Papers: A blog by Michale Stelzner that has over 20,000 subscribers getting his newsletters.

Micro Persuasion: This is blog of marketing talk with over 50,000 daily readers.

Fab Freelance Writing Blog: Australian blogger Angela Booth teaches freelancers how to make money from writing.

Freelance Folder: The site is quite popular with over 12,000 subscribers and forums.

Guerilla Freelancing: This is a site by Mike Smith where he offers advice to freelancers.

Escape from Corporate America: Pamela Skillings dishes out work at home advice to freelancers.

Arctic Llama blog: This blog builds bridges between freelancers and those hiring them.

Seth Godin’s blog: This has great advice for freelancers and Seth Godin has authored so many books too.

Roberto Alamos: Freelance and business advice from Roberto Alamos.

Podcast for Freelancers: Despite being for podcast; it also has advice for freelancers as well.

The Berkun Blog: Site by Scott Berkun as great advice for early creative freelancers.

Essential Keystrokes: Even though written by a web designer, the site has some great advice for freelancers.

Anywired: Contains self-employment advice from Skellie.

Self-Employed blog: Blogger Eartha shares advice on how experience and journey through the internet.

oDesk Blog: Now Upwork blog. They offer freelancing tips for writers.

Daily Blog tips: Blog by Daniel Scocco with over 17,000 subscribers.

Men with Pens: This site has three men and one woman offering freelancing tips.

Blog Design Blog: They offer free design tips for blogs.

Lorelle on WordPress: They offer daily blogging tips for WordPress users.

Blogging Basics 101: Melanie Nelson offers blogging advice and how to make money from it and blog maintenance.

Inkwell Editorials: Helpful blogging tips from Yuwanda Black.

SkellieWag: A source of blogging advice from Skellie, owner of Anywired.

Freelance Writerville: Yolander Prinzel shares her adventures in freelancing.

Chris Blogging: Chris Bibey shares keys to his freelance writing success.

Zen Habits: With over 100,000 in his blog feeds, Leo Babauta share freelancing tips.

Experiments in Lifestyle Design: Blog by Tim Ferris, the author of the bestselling book, The Four Hour Work week.

Dumb Little Man Tips for Life: This site is not for freelancers alone but on how to increase one’s productivity.

1001 Freelance Travel Writer Tips: Specifically a blog for travel writers to get advice.

Anti 9 to 5 Guide: Blog by Michelle Goodman offering freelance advice to women.

Freelance Union: This union deals with the ethical issues that freelancers should adhere to like lowering rates.

June Walker: Advises the self-employed on their taxes.

The Ace Your Interview Blog: This site offers great career and interview advice.

Undress for Success: It has advice and resources on working from home.

Pheeew! Hope you found these helpful. We’ll keep updating this list so don’t forget to leave your suggestions. Thanks.

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