30 Awesome Valentine’s Day Ideas For 2019 Valentines

Valentine’s Day is upon us again! Sounds a bit cliché, right? Valentine’s day mean different things to different people, to some it’s just another day when stores and streets are decorated with heart shapes, and the colour red takes the center stage, while to others, it is a special day when they share and cherish special moments with the dearest person to them on earth.

In case you have run out of ideas and want to keep things alive other than the regular exchange flowers, perfume, cake and chocolate, it’s time to switch things up and make your Valentine’s Day more exciting.

Here are some great suggestions that will make your day more fun and kindle the flames even stronger.

Surprise Musical Package

What better way is there to start the day on Valentine’s morning than waking up to a professionally dressed violinist or guitarist at your door step, playing your favorite love song? You can wow your significant other with this gift, it will sure warm his/her heart.

Special Getaway

Surprise your spouse with a special getaway together. You can make a reservation at bed and breakfast. It makes it more appealing if it is a surprise. Secretly pack his/her bags and just tell them you are going for a lunch/dinner date. The little bit of effort will sure pay off.

Romantic Dinner

A romantic dinner at an exotic restaurant or hotel is a great way to connect with each other this Valentine. Chose a location that has special offers for couples like candle lights, music and champagne.

Give A Dozen Roses

Yes, roses may be conventional, but you can spice up your roses by attaching a note for a future date on each stem.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Strawberries have a special romantic effect. Imagine the reaction your loved one will get from such an amazing gift

Write a poem and frame it

There is nothing as original and as down to earth as a hand-written poem. It gives it a lasting effect if it is framed.

Send A Message For All The 24 Hours Of The Day

Valentine’s Day starts at 12.00 am on February 14th. How about celebrating the entire day by sending a love message every single hour of the day? Check out these beautiful collection of Valentine’s days messages.

Go On A Date To A Restaurant That You Enjoyed When You First Met

Visiting a location you both loved when you just got together will bring back fond memories and keep things alive.

Have 13 Roses Delivered And Then Give The 14th In Person With A Special Message

Roses again, but the interesting thing about this kind of gift is that, she might wonder if the missing Rose was an error from the floweriest. Delivering the last one in person has a special romantic effect.

Customized Song At Restaurant

As you both are enjoying your dinner at a restaurant, arrange with the manager to have a pre-recorded song with her name in it song hit the airways.

Rose Petals

We all remember Akeem in Coming To America and the rose petal treatment. Rose petals are not meant for royals alone. Let your loved wake up to a trail of rose petals leading to an exotic breakfast, gift, etc.

Treasure Hunt

Take your spouse on a scavenger hunt. Ask him/her to solve riddles to find the clues to items that you have hidden somewhere around the house. The last item should give steps that lead to your Valentine’s Day outing.

A Trip To The Spa

Book a session for two where you both can get side by side massaged, pedicure and other lavish treatments

A Night Of Jazz Or Classical Music

Do something away from the conventional. A classical night with special effects like candles, wine and well-cooked pasta will be one to remember.

Gift An Online Shopping Voucher

You can make him/her pick out gifts of his/her choice through a shopping voucher

Site Seeing

Just going around to interesting locations to look around is a great idea

Sky Diving

If your budget can take it, getting an instructor and taking a plunge into the sky will set your hearts beating faster than ever before!

Go To The Movies

Its val season and most cinemas will have one or more love themed moving showing. Watching a love movie together is a fun way to wrap up the night.

Composing Your Own Love Song

Whether you have a great singing voice or not, your loved one will appreciate a 2-3 minute love song and sent as a voice note on Valentine  morning. This is a good way to prep up the day.


If you guys are into the old-fashioned thing, look for a special location and set out a picnic with exotic foods of your choice.

A Trip To The Beach

Almost everyone loves the beach. A beach themed dinner with a cool and refreshing atmosphere will be a worthwhile experience.

The Blank Cheque Gift

If you can afford it, why not go over the top? Let your loved one experience the awesomeness of Valentine’s Day by shopping for anything they want.

Road Trip

Just driving around together is another romantic way to connect. Choose a less busy road that has lovely landmarks.

Spending Time With Old Friends

Apart from spending time together, the time you spend in the company of other familiar people is an amazing way to spend your day.

Going On A Double Date

Valentine’s Day can also be celebrated with another couple. You can invite a close friend or even your brother or sister to join you and your date for dinner. You will have a very amusing conversation and lots to talk about.

Visiting Old Spots

Which better way is there to go into each other’s past than visiting old memorial spots like the hospital where you were born or schools attended; and what better moment to do this than on valentine’s day.


Karaoke can be so much fun, whether it’s done in-house or outdoor, goofing around with music is another exciting thing to do on valentine’s day.

Hand Written Love Notes

The digital age has taken over everything and most of us would rather send a love message through our phones. Do you know that a handwritten love note with your signature will have a greater impact than a phone message?

Boat Cruise

Going on a boat trip is an amazing idea for this Valentine. Asides from being with you loved one, the calming effect of the water will create a refreshing, lively atmosphere and guarantee lots of laughs and giggles.

Live band

Most people adore watching a live band perform and this Valentine, taking your spouse to experience live music will create an exhilarating experience.

Valentine’s day can be very special when you have someone to share it with. You can make your Valentine’s day extra special by stealing some of these ideas. You’ll thank us later 😉





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