35 Best Agbada Designs To Inspire You

Up until 5 years ago, agbadas were reserved for only elderly Yoruba men. Well, as it stands today, that is no longer the case. In present-day Nigeria, everyone now wears the agbada. This is regardless of age, tribe, and gender. As a fashion lover that is interested in having a couple of agbadas in your wardrobe, it is important to get to know some of the best agbada designs that exist in Nigeria. Contained in this article are 35 best agbada designs that are worth trying out.

That said, below are 35 agbada designs that you should have in your wardrobe.

1. Photo by @ugomonye.official

This amazing blue agbada can pass for a jacket and can be worn on any buba of your choice.

2. Photo and Design by @ugomonye.official

This brown agbada is very similar to the one that was designed by @ugomonye.official designed for @Ebuka and can be called both an agbada and a danshiki.

3. Photo and Design by @ugomonye.official

@Ebuka is known for rocking the most amazing agbada designs, and this is not an exception.

4. Design and Photo by @seyivodi

An amazing embroidery is a tested and trusted way to give your agbada the most eye-catching appearance.

5. Photo and Design by @seyivodi

You should have this in your wardrobe if you like the yellow colour

6. Photo and Design by @seyivodi

This agbada might not be very flamboyant. However, its embroidery pattern is one you have to try out.

7. Photo and Design by @seyivodi

Slaying has no age limits. You can be elderly and slay, all you need to do is to get a design like this is your wardrobe.

8. Photo and Design by @ugomonye.official

This agbada has a similar design to #Ebuka’s agbada that broke the internet last year. It was designed @ugomonye.officical for @karowenu.

9. Photo by @outspoknclothiers

Agbadas do not usually come in black. However, when they do, they are usually amazing. Even more amazing is this agbada with an embroidery that goes from the neck all the way down to the knees.

10. Photo by @official_hsbcasual, worn by @bosslammy

Red is not a colour that is exclusive for women. You can be a man and slay in a red agbada. All you need is to have an amazing embroidery like this one.

11. Photo by @stonicxapparel, worn by @abdoulsomaila

You can’t get it wrong when your embroidery is the same colour as your cap. Even more beautiful is the fact that this embroidery looks like a medal.

12. Photo by @tyntyfashions_tntfashions

Blue and yellow is a perfect combination for ladies. Well, if you love agbadas, it is a colour combination that you should try out.

13. Photo by @fashionidolblog, worn by @mofedamijo

This classy white agbada is a near perfect design for every classic man. All you need is the right material and tailor

14. Photo by @voditailors

It is rare to see Tuface in an agbada. However, with an embroidery that spells music, he did not get this wrong.

15. Photo by @stonicxapparel

This agbada is designed with black at its fringes. This makes it stand out.

16. Photo by @kudos_clothing

This agbada is a perfect blend of white and black.

17. Photo by @ngtrends

This agbada is a mixture of lemon and dark brown embroidery. Although on its own, it is great, it even looks better when paired with a brown pair of shoes.

18. Photo by @elikemkumordzie

Pink colour is a not a colour that everyman can slay with. However, when an agbada is designed by @elikemkumordzie and worn by John Dumelo, then it becomes one that is worth trying out.

19. Photo and design by @elikemkumordzie

This agbada was worn by @elikemkumordzie to John Dumelo’s traditional wedding. It is interesting how this agbada can be more than one thing at once. It can either pass for an agbada or a jacket.

20. Photo by @kamdora, design by @deco_d29, worn by @ebuka

It is quite unusual for men to put on colours as bright as pink. However, when an agbada is designed by @deco_d29 and is worn by Ebuka, then it automatically becomes great.

21. Photo by @ola_baker_photography, worn by @mrsonubi

A red coloured agbada that is designed with red embroidery which goes from the neck to bottom is a great design for anyone that is in love with the red colour.

22. Photo by @flowdeeco

This is a perfect design for father and son.

23. Photo by @asoebimenthem

Nothing beats an embroidery such as this. This attire even looks better when coupled with a black cap.

24. Photo by @lookslikeagoodman

Sometimes, all you need is a very pronounced embroidery and you will have yourself an amazing design.

25. Design and Photo by @seyivodi

With its multi-coloured embroider, this agbada is one very fashionable man should have in his wardrobe.

26. Photo and design by @seyivodi

This agbada almost passes for an attire from east Africa. It was designed by @seyivodi and worn by Zaki.

27. Photo and design by @seyivodi

White agbadas might not be popular among young men. However, when worn are usually perfect.

28. Photo by @ceomaniaalasooke

If you love looking like royalty, you should have this in your wardrobe.

29. Photo by@lekanbalogun1

Wearing an agbada that has wings will almost make you feel you can fly.

30. Design and photo by @seyivodi

Just like he always does, RMD slayed in this ash agbada.

31. Photo and Design by @seyivodi

Nigerian actor, Richard Mofe Damijo is definitely known for slaying in English attires. However, not very much of him has been seen in native attires.

32. Photo by @akinfaminu

If you are fair, then this is an agbada design that you might want to try out. This agbada is a blend of navy blue and gold and was rocked by @akinfaminu.

33. Photo and design by @ugomonye.official

Ebuka’s attire to Banky W’s traditional wedding in November, 2017 was unarguably the most talked about agbada for last year.

34. Photo and design by @ugomonye.official

This agbada is quite related to sub-zero’s costume, it is one that you should have if you want to have a feel of one of @ugomonye.official’s amazing designs

35. Photo and Design by @ugomonye.official

White agbadas are known to stand out and this is not different.

So, there you have it. A list of some of the best available agbada designs. If you truly love Nigerian fashion, then you should have a couple of these in your wardrobe. Also, all these agabda designs can be gotten without you spending a fortune.

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