35-Year-Old Man Apprehended For Defiling Underage Girls In Niger State

The Niger state police command has apprehended a 35-year-old man identified as Clement Nwachukwu on the basis of allegedly defiling two girls aged 7 and 8, after luring them with N50 each in Suleja, Niger State.

Idonsabi gathers from reports that the father-of-three who was apprehended by the Niger state police command lured the victims aged 7 and 8 respectively to an uncompleted building where he raped them.

When he was interrogated, Clement Nwachukwu stated that he often gets aroused whenever he see underaged girls around him.

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The accused, Clement, said in a statement:

“Whenever I see underage girls in my area, I get aroused and lose control of myself. I don’t know what has come over me, that each time I see little girls in my area; I will be forced by what I don’t know to have sex with them, not minding that I am a father of three. That is too bad. I have been in this act for more than four years and it looks as if somebody has placed a curse on me. Nothing works for me, and sometimes I feel I have sinned against my destiny. It is unfortunate.

After defiling these innocent minors, I asked myself what if my wife catches me or hears about my evil deeds. I feel very bad about my act. I am finished and I know my wife will never forgive me. Right now, I am finished.”

However, the Niger state police command has publicly come out to state that Clement Nwachukwu, the accused, will be charged to court soon once the proper investigations have been concluded.

His arrest and possible sentence should serve as a deterrent to other people who may want to indulge themselves in such a huge crime in the country.

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