5 Must Take Marketing Actions for Every Blog Post

Blogging is a business! One that should be taken seriously at that. What makes a blog tick is the content on that blog. Usually, the difference between a successful blog and an unsuccessful one is basically the quality of content offered.

Your content will go a long way in determining if you will ever make a penny from your blog or if your blog will remain a liability which takes up all your spare time but returns nothing.

The content of a blog is defined by blog posts. Your posts will determine your traffic, ranking, relevance, freshness and most importantly earnings. To improve your earnings via that blog of yours, you must take some marketing actions while developing each blog post.

So before you create that next blog post, here are five marketing actions you must take.

#1 Share your post on social media

This point cannot be overemphasized. We’ve said it over and over again. You cannot write a blog post and leave it on your blog hoping it will attract traffic and hits on its own. It’s true that your blog audience and visitors via search engines will generate a few hits on that post but if you truly want to market every post on your blog, you must share it on social media.

You can share your post on social media channels such as Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram. These channels are great marketing tools for bloggers, employ them in echoing every blog post.

#2 Promote your post using promotion tools












It’s one thing to share your posts on social media, and it’s another thing to consistently share your content whether you’re available or not. If you’re a blogger, marketing and promoting your blog posts might be a pain in the neck -That’s if you intend on doing it manually.

A few amazing tools have been developed which you can use in promoting/marketing your blog posts without going through the stress of sharing them manually. I highlight some of these tools below;

Outbrain (outbrain.com ) -paid

Outbrain is a content discovery tool that recommends your content to readers of other publishers who use Outbrain. This content promotion tools finds a way of keeping users engaged by offering a personalized reader experience.

PR Newswire (http://www.prnewswire.com/) -free

PR Newswire is a blog marketing tool that helps distribute your blog posts to a global media database of more than 700,000 blogs.

Sprout Social (http://sproutsocial.com/) -free

This promotion tool allows you to schedule, publish and analyze your posts on social media. You can insert a link to your article in your automated posts and the tool does the rest.

Buffer (https://bufferapp.com/) –free

You can add your blog posts on this great tool and it automatically posts your content to your social media accounts all through the day.

There are hundreds of other tools you can look out for which can be great in marketing your blog posts.

#3 Share on social bookmarking websites

Social bookmarking is a great way to market your blog posts. Sharing your content on social bookmarking websites is a must-take marketing action for every blog post on your blog. J[

If you are still wondering which social media websites you can share your blog posts to, find my list of 100 social bookmarking websites to submit your to.

 #4  Re-share on social media

Its OK to re-share your post on social media. Not on the same day the post goes live (else you’ll be labelled a spammer) but on the third or fourth day, you can re-share that same post a week later. This marketing strategy for your blog post have been proven to increase traffic for blog post.

#5 Perform SEO for each post













To adequately market each of your blog post you have to perform Search Engine Optimization for every article that goes live on your blog. This will go a long way in bringing your blog to the right audience who are searching for topics related to what you’ve just penned down.

Search engine optimization require some skill to master, but I’ll give you a few tips you can apply, which will help your blog post ranking with search engines.

  • Include two or three keywords within your post

Avoid keyword stuffing, instead focus on writing an interesting and plagiarism free article and then add two or three keywords in specific sections of your post.

  • Ensure your blog is mobile friendly

Google says that most people make use of search engines using their phone than desktop computers. If your blog is mobile friendly, then it’ll be easier for search engines to index your blog and greater chances of your post getting found by search queries.

  • Optimize the images you use

You’ll surely use images for your blog, when you do, ensure that those images are optimized for search engines using images with alt text. Add alt text in your HTML image description.

  • Use internal links were necessary

Using internal links on your blog posts where necessary also helps search engines to easily index your pages.

These few tips are some of the marketing actions you must take for every blog post you publish on your blog. Keep up the work and soon you’d be smiling helplessly 🙂

Are there other marketing actions you take after publishing a post? Kindly share in the comments section!


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