5 reasons. Just 5. I don’t really have the patience to stress the obvious. The rumour mill has been busy in recent weeks with different stories. This week, it emerged that former Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger could return to manage…wait for it…Bayern Munich (I know right?). The Frenchman has stated that he intends to return to football management, probably in 2019.

Niko Kovac’s position at the Bavarian club is under serious threat because he can’t seem to understand that Bayern are to be on top of the Bundesliga…ALL THE TIME. There are to be no comebacks and you must win every game by mammoth scorelines. At the rate he’s going, he could lose his job before you finish reading this paragraph.

Wenger’s desire to return to management has seen his name linked with every top turbulent job on the planet, including the one at Real Madrid (imagine that…they are really out of options, aren’t they?). After close to 40 years in the dug-out, here’s why he doesn’t need to go back:

HIS BEST DAYS WERE…AND STILL ARE…AT ARSENAL: You can’t tell me he plans to do more than he’s already done. He won the titles he could win and will ever win. His status as a genius of the game will always be linked to his time at Arsenal. When you consider that he struggled to deliver the big silverware in his closing years at the club, you’ll realize that he can’t give any more than he already has. So why waste everyone’s time by going to another club that is looking for more big silverware? Unless…Nah…

HE’S A DINOSAUR: Football is in 2018 and moving to 2019. Wenger was last found in 2004! A man who goes into every game with the same tactics is going to struggle with the times. I watched Arsenal play Bournemouth last weekend. Arsenal would have lost that game under Wenger. Emery was smart enough to note the track record and start with 5 defenders (unlike the back 4 that shipped in so many goals at the Vitality Stadium). Wenger would struggle in the advanced football climate we have today. But then…

HE’D BE USEFUL ELSEWHERE: A man with his experience and knowledge of the game will be useful in football. Wenger has been described by many as a walking football encyclopedia. He knows too much to keep to himself. He could work as a Technical Director, or oversee a network of player recruitment and development for various clubs. Kinda like what Ralf Rangnick does for Red Bull with their network of football clubs. Seems like a growing trend so he can position himself for that. Even at that…

WORKING UNDER A STRUCTURE: Arsenal appointed a Director of Football Operations and a Head of Recruitment to handle jobs that Wenger did on his own for many years at the club. He stepped down the same season those appointments were made. If he walked into any top club now, he would meet a similar structure designed to ‘manage’ him. Managers are simply ‘Head Coaches’ nowadays so the question will be how he would cope with having bosses. I can’t see it working out. And by the way…

HE’S TOO OLD: Fack! I think this point is too obvious to note. He turns 70 years old next year. There are not many people managing at the highest level at that age. Roy Hodgson (71) may be doing his best at Crystal Palace but then…its Crystal Palace (no offence). Even Ferguson had to stop once he hit 70. Jupp Heynckes rode off into the sunset after hitting the 70s. There are not many of those guys at the highest level. Wenger cannot be kidding himself here.

I’m a big fan of the man. He made me love football. He’s one of my all-time heroes and I can never run out of superlatives for him. But he’s done enough for me and for football…at least from the dug-out.


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