50 Beautiful Happy Birthday Text Messages for Nigerians

Beautiful happy birthday messages can help bridge the distance between you and your loved ones on their special day. You might not be physically present to hug them, however, beautiful birthday messages from the heart can make their day.

Check out these 50 beautiful happy birthday messages for your loved one’s birthday!
  1. Today is your special day, stay off work and watch me make you happy. Happy birthday my hero!
  2. I mailed you a kiss, I hope you received it. Happy birthday dearie.
  3. May the sun smile at you today and may the whole of nature favor you. I hope this happy birthday message makes your day.
  4. I sealed my happy birthday message to you with a kiss. Hope it arrived in one piece? Happy birthday love!
  5. You remain forever young to me. Happy birthday my solace!
  6. I know you are neither a movie star nor a famous sportsman. However, today you are a celebrity. Today I celebrate you my friend. Happy birthday my dear friend!
  7. Happy birthday my dear friend! I wish you not only long life and prosperity, but also everything good for the soul. You are the best!
  8. An individual like you deserves the best birthday celebration money can get. May your wishes come true as we celebrate you today. Happy birthday!
  9. I always look forward to your birthday each year, it almost feels like Christmas. Happy birthday friend!
  10. I wish you a splendid and glamorous birthday little friend. Eat and be happy!
  11. Happy birthday my bestie!  Today we shall party all night because you deserve it.
  12. I am throwing a big party today. Guess why, it is your birthday! Happy birthday big fella!
  13. Happy birthday to the one who always has my back. I promise to make today a special one for you.
  14. You might be aging, however, you are getting wiser. Happy birthday my brother from another mother!
  15. Happy birthday to the most beautiful person in the entire universe. I wish you a birthday just as beautiful as you are.
  16. There are no words to describe how wonderful to have been to me. May your birthday be equally wonderful. Happy birthday beautiful!
  17. You might be aging, but to me you are forever young. Happy birthday mother! I’ll always love you.
  18. All your friends are going to celebrate you today, it is your special day. Enjoy and be happy. Happy birthday to you!
  19. Happy birthday my good friend! It is your special day and I have a big hug for you today.
  20. As you to put an end to one year and begin a new one, I wish you glee and bigger achievements. May joy always be found hanging around you. Happy birthday!
  21. I wish you a spectacular birthday celebration with lots of goodies. Eat, sleep and be happy.
  22. Hurray! It is your birthday! I wish you a love filled day. Once again, happy birthday my superhero!
  23. You have been an amazing friend. I wish you the happiest birthday ever.
  24. I am glad it is your birthday! I wish you the best of everything you desire
  25. I know you have a busy day ahead. But before you start your day, take out time to make a wish. Happy birthday bro! I am glad you are a year older today.
  26. I think of you every day. But today, I thought of you even more. My thoughts are filled with happy wishes for you. Happy birthday angel!
  27. Happy birthday! Today is the most special day in your life. Enjoy it to the fullest!
  28. I found a friend in you when I needed one the most. Just as I found you, may you find joy and peace as you celebrate your birthday.
  29. Happy birthday friend! Catch fun, enjoy life and be happy!
  30. This little message expresses my sincere and beautiful wishes for you. Happy birthday big sister!
  31. Happy birthday! I wish you long life, good health and prosperity.
  32. I have seen you grow from being a baby to a gorgeous lady. Happy birthday baby girl!
  33. Your cake might not be big enough to contain all your candles, I pray you have enough space to contain all the blessings that you will receive today. Happy birthday!
  34. May your special day be filled with smiles and laughter. Be glad and very cheerful, it is your big day.
  35. As you celebrate your birthday, I wish you the very best life has to offer. May your joy exceed today into the rest of the year.
  36. Today I celebrate your birth, your worth and your amazing personality. Happy birthday big brother for life!
  37. You have made many smile. May your special day be filled with smiles, blessings and lots of hugs.
  38. The weather is bright today because it’s your birthday. You deserve the best my friend. Happy birthday!
  39. As you celebrate your birthday, focus on your achievements and not on your errors.
  40. Happy birthday love! I’ll love to give you a big hug and sing you a happy birthday song.
  41. It time to party! Days like this come only once a year. Happy birthday!
  42. May your day be filled with goodies. Happy birthday buddy!
  43. This night we will hold a feast in your honor. Hurray! It’s your birthday.
  44. Happy birthday! May your smiles get bigger and your troubles smaller as you celebrate your birthday.
  45. May your birthday be filled with excitement and memorable moments. Happy birthday!
  46. Thanks for all the seeds of time and attention you sowed into my life. Do have a lovely birthday and I hope I can repay your kindness
  47. May your day be lightened up with a thousand smiles as you celebrate your birthday today.
  48. Hurray! It is your birthday! Get ready to dine and wine with the boys later today.
  49. Thank you for being a part of my life dear wife. Happy birthday to you!
  50. Happy birthday sweetie! I promise to make today memorable for you.
  51. Let’s make a toast to wonderful years ahead. Happy birthday love!

With these already written happy birthday messages, you’d definitely take no thought of what to send. You can send your loved ones happy birthday messages just by taking a glance at these beautiful messages written with you in mind. The option of which birthday text to send is massive so pick your best!



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