Internet Users in Nigeria, Drastically Reducing – NCC

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Tuesday, revealed that the number of people who use the internet via the various telecommunications networks in Nigeria, had reduced to 93.2 million since October this year. 

In the monthly Internet Subscribers Data report for October, obtained by News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), from the telecommunications moderator (NCC), showed that the number of  internet users on both Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) and Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) networks had decreased by 391,679 in October.

The report also showed that of the 93.2 million internet users in Nigeria this October, 38,309 users were on CDMA networks while a whooping 93.1 million were on GSM networks.

The NCC report also showed that, GSM service providers had lost 378,015 internet customers after pooling 93.1 million users in October, which was against the 93.5 million usees it had recorded in September.

The CDMA operators were not left out as they lost 13,664 internet users, after recording 38,309 in October, which was against the 51,973 recorded in September.
The data report further revealed that MTN had 32.4 million subscribers browsing the internet on its network.

It explained that MTN recorded a decrease of 306,480 internet subscribers in October, after recording 32.7 million in September.

According to the data, Globacom has 27.2 million customers surfing the net on its network in October, giving an increase of 297,623 users, from the 26.9 million that surfed the internet on the network in September.

Airtel had 18.8 million internet users in October, the same it recorded in September.
The data also showed that Etisalat had 14.7 million customers who browsed the internet in October, revealing a decrease of 369,158 users against the 15.1 million users recorded in September.

The NCC data showed that the CDMA operators such as Visafone and Multi-Links both had a joint total of 38,309 internet users on their networks in the month of October.

The NCC report further revealed that the only two surviving CDMA networks in the country (Multi-links and Visafone) both recorded a decrease of 13,664 internet users in the month of October when compared to the 51,973 users they recorded in September.

According to the records, Visafone suffered a decline of 13,664 customers surfing the internet in October, with just 38,305 internet subscribers against the 51,969 subscribers in the month of September.

The decrease in internet users in the country could be as a result of the economic downturn which has bedeviled the country this year.

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