7 Days to an Amazing Flat Tummy

How can you lose tummy fat? The obvious answer that comes to mind is 100 daily sit-ups, cut calories drastically, do excess cardio, and a whole bunch of very disheartening activities. If you find it hard losing tummy fat, chances are you are doing it wrong. You don’t need to starve yourself, do endless sit-ups, supplements or even worse, surgery. To lose tummy fat easily and quickly and naturally, follow these steps;

Avoid doing crunches

You didn’t see that one coming right? Sure crunches strengthen your stomach muscles, but it will not burn the belly fat that is covering your abs. you are wasting effort and time doing 250 daily crunches. This exercise can cause lower back pain, forward head posture and sloughing shoulders.

Build strength








The best exercises to build strength are squats and deadlift. Building strength helps to prevent muscle loss and increase fat loss and also build muscle mass. Squats and deadlifts make you stress your body with heavy weights. While doing these exercises, you will be working all your muscles from head to toe. When you do these exercises regularly, you will build muscles fast, ab muscles inclusive. These exercises can also lower your waist size.

Eat healthy

Ever heard of the saying “abs are built in the kitchen”? You will not get good results if you keep eating junk food all day, no matter how hard you train to build muscular abs, your tummy fat won’t reduce either. Avoid eating processed foods, rather eat organic unprocessed foods. You can eat junk foods as they keep your hormones sharp, but do not over indulge in them. Reduce eating junk food to 10% max.

Reduce alcohol intake

alcohol image








What you drink is as vital as what you eat. If you want to lose belly fat, reduce your beer and sweet alcohol consumption, especially if you consume it daily. Alcohol pressures your liver, because your liver will have to work more to clear the toxins and this gets in the way of building muscles and losing tummy fat. Reduce alcohol intake and take water most of the time or forget losing your tummy fat.

Watch out for carbs 

Although you need carbs for energy, however, eating more carbs than what your body needs will result to you growing tummy, because your body will store the excess carbs as fat. Unless you are skinny and you need to gain weight, reduce your carb intake. Eat more of fruits and vegetables. Reduce the consumption of pasta, rice, potatoes, and bread. Only eat them more before working out to help build muscles.

Try not to skip meals


Your body does not know the difference between starving and dieting. All it knows to do is protect your body fat from decreasing when it senses that you are starving. It also slows down your metabolism. Which means your body will slow down the rate at which your calories burn and then convert the calories to fat and store it. In other words, skipping meals will not help you lose tummy fat, instead, you will gain weight.

Let’s go further and create a diet/food plan/timetable for a 7-day flat tummy plus weightloss.

Weightloss Menu







1 cup of Vegetable Salad

1 Tablespoon of skimmed milk with water



2 Moi Moi and 1 AppleFish Pepper soupApple or Banana

1 Boiled egg and 2 slices of bread


3 Bolus of Eba with rich vegetable soupTilapia or Potato pepper soup¼ Cup Mixed Nuts
TuesdayMoi moi (maximum of one at a time)Grapefruit

Fish/chicken/goat meat pepper soup (enjoy as much as you want)

Unripe pounded  plantain (one fist serving) with vegetable soupRoasted plantain chips (1 cup)
Wednesday¾  Cup of Cereal

1 Cup of milk

1 Banana



Beans (please don’t add too much palm oil) use tomatoes if you want it red1 Portion Mackerel (oven roasted)

2 roasted Sweet potatoes

1 Apple

1 Tablespoon nut butter (homemade)

ThursdayMoi moi

1 Cup of oatmeal



Chicken pepper soup1 Packet Indomie with shrimps and vegetablesRoasted sweet potato chips
FridayVegetable omelet

1 Slice bread



1 Cup local/brown rice jollof

2 cups mixed salad

1 chicken portion

1 Boiled plantain

½ Cup baked beans

½ Mixed nut


SaturdayMixed fruit salad


Roasted whole tilapia (with vegetable)1.5 Cups rice and beans with stew1 Mango or guava

Drink a minimum of two liters of water daily. Breastfeeding mothers, pregnant women, and sick patients should not follow the timetable. I also advice that you should first consult your doctor or dietitian before embarking on any form of dieting. No alcohol or juice should be taken when following this timetable, only water.

Stay motivated. Measure your body fat at the end of each week to see how far you’ve gone. Also measure your waist size because, if you eat healthy and exercise daily, your waist will trim down fast. Track your progress so you will know where you are. Don’t read this post and do nothing. Lose your belly fat. Take action.

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