A Non-Techie Guide to Setting up Adsense on your Blog

Monetizing a blog is usually the priority of many bloggers. However, this is something that doesn’t come easy. Quite a number of bloggers have abandoned their blogs because they simply couldn’t monetize it.

There are a few other alternatives besides Google Adsense which perform similar functions such BlogHer and Q1media. In this article, we’ll focus on Adsense and how to set it up. There are a lot of technicalities involved in setting up and getting Adsense approval from Google.

The process of setting up Adsense usually ends in rejection and frustration for many bloggers. But in this post, I’ll show you a non-technical way to set up Adsense on your blog and easily get approval from Google.

A few adsense requirements

Setting up Adsense on your blog can be really easy if you have all the necessary requirements before you apply.

The following requirements are must haves before you can proceed to sign up for Adsense.

  • A functional website or blog
  • A domain name older than one month
  • You should be over 18 years old
  • A valid PayPal account or Bank account number
  • Plenty of plagiarism free content on your blog

After meeting the above requirements, you can then head to www.google.com/adsense/apply and sign up for a free Adsense account.

It is advised that you use a domain specific email address such as [email protected] when signing up; this is because, Google tend to approve applications made using a domain specific email address than those without.

When signing up, ensure you enter your blog URL as www.YourDomainName.com not like “http://www.YourDomainName.com/” the “http/” is unnecessary. If you don’t have a root domain name like www.YourDomainName.com  then I doubt if you can get approval on time. Using secondary domain names such as www.YourDomain.blogspot.com or www.YourDomain.wordpress.com will reduce your chances of approval.

Ensure you  use the same name on your bank account while signing up, failure to do this might result in you not getting paid in the end or not even getting approved.

Ensure that you have filled the sign-up form with all required information before you hit the Submit button.

After submitting your application, Google will review your information and then send you an email telling you if you successfully passed the first check or not. If you were successful, you can then go ahead to get Google’s Ad code which you can place on your blog.

Getting the code is quite simple, just login to your Adsense account and select the “My Ads” tab, then click on “New Ad unit” button; you can choose to customize the Ad unit based on size (300 x 260 is recommended), color, name and Ad type (Text or display) before hitting the Save button.

After saving your preferences, your Ad code is then displayed to you in a popup textbox which you can now copy and place on your blog. Careful though; you must ensure you place the Ad on the right spot to avoid distorting your content. If you’re using WordPress, you can place the Ad on your sidebar using WP widgets, the same can be done on blogger.

After doing the above, you have to wait for Google to approve your Adsense application before you can startb earning money from Adsense. Expect your first payout when you reach the $100 threshold.

If your application gets rejected, then it is likely that you didn’t meet up to the requirements I stipulated above.

How to get your Adsense application approved faster
  • Sign up with a domain specific email

I explained this point earlier but I still felt the need to reiterate. Signing up with a domain specific user name will greatly improve you chances of getting accepted as google will take your website more seriously.

  • Ensure you have more than one page

Submitting your blog to Google for Adsense approval with just one single page of content or just one category is a no-brainer, your application will be promptly rejected.

  • Ensure you have enough original and quality content on every page in every category

Top bloggers will always tell you that “content is King!” this is a statement you should take very seriously if you ever intend on getting Adsense approval.

Google has a way of checking through your blog to see how much original and quality content you’ve got. If they find any plagiarism or irrelevant content, such as drug abuse, weapons handling or adult content etc. your application will get rejected.

35-40 posts of original and quality content which are over 500 words long, is ideal to get you started.

  • Ensure you’re not hosted on a free Webhost

I highlighted how using a free webhost can be detrimental to your blog in why your website loads slowly. A free webhost won’t only make your blog load slowly, it’ll also limit your chances of getting Adsense approval.

How do you expect Google to take you seriously when you can’t spend a few bucks on your webhost? Like I’ll always say, “you can only get so much for free”.

  • Ensure you have a steady traffic pool

In the end, your traffic will tell google if your blog is profitable for their business or not. If you aren’t getting enough traffic then you still have a lot more to do before you get Adsense approval.

If you can have quality content with about 60-70 hits per day then you’re good to go.

On a final note, setting up Adsense and getting approved could be a little frustrating if you get rejected, but I implore you to address the reasons Google gave for rejecting your application (if they did) and give it another shot. Keep making your blog the best!





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