Airtel Data Plan and Code

Airtel is the smart phone network with data plan designed for all smart phones not minding the operating system.

With a very flexible data plan, Airtel continues to make its presence felt in the data market. Airtel allows you to certify their service your self, with up to 160MB for FREE, valid for 30 Days, to be activated using *400#.


There is a 30MB Daily Package for N100, activated using *410#.

A 3-Day Pack, of 100MB for N200, activated using *412#.

A 5-Star Pack, of 25MB (5MB Daily) for N100 and valid for 5Days, activated using *401#.

You can surf the web with 80Mb for 7Days which is the Weekly Pack for N300, activated using *417#.

The Easy Plan, gives 750MB valid for 14Days at N500, activated with *418#.

The 2G Pack, has an Unlimited N200 Pack valid for 14Days, activated with *482*1# and an Unlimited N500 Pack valid for 28Days, activated using *482*2#.


Android 1.0; 1.5GB Data valid for 30Days at N1,000. Use *496# to activate.

Android 2.0; 3.5GB Data valid for 30Days at N2,000. Use *437# to activate.

Android 2.5; 5GB Data valid for 30Days at N2,500. Use *437*1# to activate.

Android 3.5; 7GB Data valid for 30Days at N3,500. Use *438# to activate.


This data plan is designed for users who only use social media apps like Facebook, twitter whatsapp, etc and don’t really consume lots of data.

Opera Monthly; Use *885*1# to activate and get 250MB Data at N300, valid for 30Days.

WTF Monthly; Use *990# to activate and get 80MB Data at N200, valid for 30Days.


Unlimited Month gives 3GB Data valid for 30Days at N1,500. Activate using *435#.

Unlimited Week offers 200MB Data valid for 7Days at N525. Activate using *430*17#.

Unlimited Day allows access for a day with 40MB Data at N100. Activate using *440*18#.


A BB Complete Month package with 3GB Data valid for 30Days at N1,000, can be activated using *431#.


This is specially for users who surf only during specific hours or period online. It saves cost, especially for those who always forget to off data when not in use.

Time Based 30 for N300, Dial *439*3# to activate.

Time Based 60 for N500, Dial *439*4# to activate.

Night 120 valid for 3Hours at N1,000, Dial *481*2# to activate.

Weekend Bundle 200 valid for the weekend with 200MB at N200. Dial *472# to activate.

Weekend Bundle 500 valid also for the weekend with 500MB at N500. Dial *473# to activate.


This plan is for individuals and offices with very high data usage. It serves especially for high downloads.

MEGA 5, Gives 12GB Data at N5,000, valid for 30Days. Use *452# to activate.

MEGA 8, Gives 24GB Data at N8,000, valid for 30Days. Use *460# to activate.

MEGA 10, Gives 34GB Data at N10,000, valid for 30Days. Use *462# to activate.

MEGA 15, Gives 30GB Data at N15,000, valid for 60Days. Use *463# to activate.

MEGA 360, Gives 50GB Data at N36,000, valid for 180Days. Use *406# to activate.

MEGA 70, Gives 100GB Data at N70,000, valid for 365Days. Use *407# to activate.

MEGA 160, Gives 200GB Data at N136,000, valid for 365Days. Use *408# to activate.


This plan gives you Data, Voice and SMS all in one and has various options to choose from.

DAILY: A 1Day plan of N200 gives 10MB Data,10MB WTFB, 20min Voice and 20 SMS. Dial *489*1# to activate.

MONTHLY: A 30Day plan of N1,200 gives 1024MB Data, 200MB WTFB, 60min Voice and 60 SMS. Dial *489*2# to activate.

MONTHLY-I: A 30Day plan of N3,000 gives 1200MB Data, 200MB WTFB, 180min Voice and 300 SMS. Dial *489*3# to activate.

MONTHLY-II: A 30Day plan of N5,000 gives 2500MB Data, 500MB WTFB, 300min Voice and 500 SMS. Dial *489*4# to activate.

Now you are ready to surf the net…

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