Amanda Ebeye Says She Cannot Choose Between Career And Marriage

Nollywood actress, Amanda Ebeye has said that she can’t make a choice between marriage and career as the both are rather mutually exclusive. In an interview with Punch Newspaper, the actress talked about feminism, marriage, choices and her interest in television series.

When quizzed on what she thinks about feminism, she admitted to loving feminism and that it wasn’t unrelated to the fact that it paved a way for a number of things happening at the moment. According to her, any woman who doesn’t love feminism simply doesn’t know what it means.

Amanda Ebeye maintained that the reason why women were able to actively get involved in politics was as a result of what some feminists had done in the past. She however was quick to point out that she was a feminist rather than an extremist.

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The actress when asked about her career and marriage said:

“I cannot choose between my marriage and career. Being married does not mean your life should stop. You get married for you and your spouse to become teammate on the same field, you are supposed to encourage each other. Once you see signs that a man is not ready to support what you do as a woman, there is no need to continue the relationship.

Talking about women and domestic violence, Amanda Ebeye insists that victims often see signs and tendencies for such in their husbands but choose to ignore them

“If a man beats you in marriage he must have slapped you before you got married. Since you dated him for a while before marriage, you cannot say you did not see signs of violence in him but women turn their back against those things.

She once again emphasized that she was only committed to a man who supports her career-wise as her career is equally as important as her marriage

I have always told myself that I wouldn’t stay with any man who doesn’t support what I do. My career is very important to me and I don’t joke with it. I am not a woman who stays at home and does nothing.” earlier reported that Wings of a Dove was to premiere on the 8th of February. The movie centres on girl activism, child marriage and shipping off of teenage girls to old men as wives.

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