Architect Loses a #3.5 million Project For Being a Buhari Supporter

—- An architect reveals how he lost a job because he’s a Buhari supporter.

—- Shares pictures of the text message sent to inform him he lost the job.

An architect, @lemonouch, shared on twitter how he lost a job worth 3.5 million naira because he’s a Buhari supporter.

When the architect followed up on their conversation about the project. The employer replied that he has lost the job because he supports Buhari, hence  Buhari should feed him.

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“Lost a job earlier today. (Mobilization was scheduled for today) Not because I’m not competent…but” he tweeted

“It didn’t cross my mind you are a Buhari supporter. You are among our problems. Since you decided to be unfortunate and brought this upon us. Buhari should feed you. Don’t bother about the project again abeg.”

Reads the text message he got.

Nigerians have reacted to this. Some found it ridiculous while others praised it.

After the 2019 elections, videos of some Nigerians mocking Northerner beggars for supporting Buhari surfaced online. Many also vowed not to give alms to beggars that seem to be from the North.

The 2019 elections was a tug of war between the Atiku supporters and Buhari supporters. Both group of people, before the election were always at logger heads on social media, predicting elections and hurling insults at one another.


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