BB Naija 2019 – Adekunle Gold Implores Youths To Re-Channel Energy To General Elections

– Adekunle Gold implores youths to focus and channel the desperation and energy channeled towards BB Naija 2019 auditions into the forthcoming Presidential elections

– He followed this up by saying that people’s votes were their voices and that they should use it.

With the BB Nigeria or BB Naija 2019 – if you’d like – kicking off on the 1st of February, social media has been in total frenzy and there’s been so much talk about the forthcoming show with long queues and multitude of people thronging the venues of the auditions.

The importance people attach to the show cannot be overemphasized with the eyes of so many Nigerians set on the gargantuan and mouth-watering grand prize to the tune of over 30 million Naira.

Indeed, several reports claimed that in places like Enugu, people had arrived at the venue of the auditions as early as 12 midnight.

So much for the BB Naija 2019 show that a lady fainted in one of the venues for the auditions. In response to this, crossdresser, Bobrisky was moved to give the lady in question a sum of 1million naira. 

Consequently, this has prompted reactions from several Nigerians who think that the rush for the show is due to the fact that lots of Nigerians live in poverty and invariably see the show as a means of escape considering the huge amount of money in it for the winner

That said, Nigerian singer, Adekunle Gold thinks all the zealous energy fans of the show give to it should be channeled into the forthcoming elections.

The singer reveals that he was amazed at the size of the crowd at different audition grounds and feels that that that kind of crowd could be pulled into polling centres as well.

“I’ve seen pictures and videos of #BBN auditions in different cities, blown away by the size of the crowd. Now let’s use the same energy and desperation to vote”, he said.

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