Beautiful City Of Gold Hymn Lyrics

Beautiful City Of Gold

by I. N. McHose

O, how often we sing of a city so fair,
Just beyond the dark valley, we’re told,
Where the Saviour has gone, us a home to prepare,
In that beautiful city of gold.

In that city of light, where the sun never sets,
The inhabitants never grow old;
There, no sorrow, no sickness, no death ever comes,
In that beautiful city of gold.

O, the rapturous scenes on that ever green shore,
To my vision their beauties unfold,
Where the rivers of pleasure roll on evermore,
In that beautiful city of gold.

On that bright, shining shore, all our loved ones we’ll meet,
And the King in His beauty be hold!
The white robe, and the crown of rejoicing receive,
In that beautiful city of gold.


There the sun ever shines, there the sun ever shines,
Fragrant flow’ers ever bloom, fragrant flow’ers ever bloom,
There we’ll meet the redeemed, and the Saviour behold,
In that beautiful city of gold.

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