Being First Lady was Greatest Honor of My Life – Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama gave her farewell speech on Friday and it was an emotional one. The outgoing First lady described being America’s First Lady as the greatest honor of her life.

The First Lady urged young Americans to fight for the future instead of being afraid of it.

“For all the young people in this room and those who are watching, know that this country belongs to you, to all of you, from every background and walk of life,” said Mrs. Obama from the East Room of the White House.

After eight years in the White House, Obama will be leaving with her husband on January 20, when Donald Trump is sworn in as president.

“Being the first lady has been the greatest honor of my life,” she said at an event for School Counselor of the Year. “I hope I have made you proud.”

Michelle Obama has been an active First Lady, taking a front seat in matters such as girl-child education, nutrition and youth empowerment.

Lady Obama, being the first black female First Lady, has been a shinning role model for minorities, wielding a lot of influence on the masses.

“If you or your parents are immigrants, know that you are part of a proud American tradition,” Said Michelle Obama.

“With a lot of hard work and a good education, anything is possible, including becoming president. That’s what the American dream is all about,” she said.
“Our glorious diversity is what makes us who we are.”

During the 2016 campaign Obama was a vociferous critic of Trump.
She made no direct reference to the president-elect Friday but the mogul’s victory framed much of her remarks.

“You cannot take your freedom for granted,” Obama said. “You have to do your part to protect and preserve those freedoms.”
“You hear me young people? Don’t be afraid, be focused, be determined, be empowered, lead by example, with hope, never fear.”

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