Best University to Study Medicine in Nigeria

Nigerian Universities churn out a great number of professionals yearly, in their millions actually. Nigeria is one of those countries that has a huge number of professionals practicing in the diaspora, in places like the UK and the U.S.

Not too long ago, it was said that Nigeria had the highest number of medical doctors practicing in Saudi Arabia. This is to tell you that in the field of medicine, at least general medicine, Nigeria is not so bad. The situations in the medical field will not improve much though, until laws are enacted which mandate leaders of this country to seek for medical attention in Nigerian hospitals alone.

That being said, this is the list of the best universities to study medicine in Nigeria. The most important criteria we are using here is the quality of their university teaching hospitals. And also the quality of medical practitioners produced. Unlike other fields in Nigeria, the study of medicine is taken seriously. And stringent guidelines are followed as it is a matter of life and death.

Top 10 Universities in Nigeria to Study Medicine

The number one university on our list is none other than

University of Ibadan (UI)

They say there are only two universities in Nigeria, UI and then others. Although I beg to disagree, none the less, they are leaders in the field of medicine. And also many other fields of study in Nigeria. UITH is affiliated to many foreign universities, and some of these universities send their students here to the teaching hospital to study tropical medicine.

To get into medicine in UI, you’ll need to be in the top 4% of applicants. Alternatively, you’ll need very long legs. This is Nigeria, and the importance of long legs can never be underestimated. UI doesn’t  take on many students, but they take the best. There is intense competition at this school and their social life is almost non-existent.

Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU)

Located in South west Nigeria, in the ancient town of Ile-Ife Osun state, this is one very popular school in Nigeria. It was formerly known as Univesity of Ife, before being changed to OAU in the 70s. The school has ridden on the popularity of the town where it is located to become popular. By having one of the best medical colleges in the country, it has cemented its place as a prestigious school in Nigeria.

This school started the first faculty of pharmacy in West Africa, and its medical school curriculum would later be adopted by World health Organisation (WHO). Obafemi Awolowo University teaching hospital pioneered kidney transplant in Nigeria. With these credentials, it should not be difficult to see why the OAU is amongst the top dogs in medicine in Nigeria.

Ahmadu Bello University Zaria (ABU Zaria)

ABUTH is one of the best hospitals in the Northern part of the country. But not just that, this school is renowned for its excellent facilities.  As far as facilities and personnel are concerned, ABU is the top school for medicine in the Northern part of the country. ABUTH is one of the largest teaching hospital in Nigeria and indeed Africa.

University of Ilorin

Perhaps the most attractive feature of University of Illorin is that they do not go on strike. Therefore their academic calendar is not jeopardized. This goes to tell that there will be very little delays in the graduation of her students. Therefore you are sure of spending not more than your allotted time to study here. At Unilorin there are great facilities for studying medicine.

University of Lagos UNILAG

For those of us who stay in Lagos, whenever you hear someone is in Luth, we always believe the case is critical. Well LUTH happens to be the teaching hospital for UNILAG. So these student doctors get to learn from some of the worse cases in the country. And of course from some of the best medical personnel in the country.

The competition for a spot in UNILAG’s college of medicine is intense, you’d have to double your work rate or lengthen your legs. Although UNILAG is owned by the Federal government, it usually gets finances from the Lagos state government which it sometimes inject into the college of medicine.

Delta State University, Abraka (DELSU)

Sometime in 2015, the Delta State University teaching hospital was given a new look. State of the art equipments were procured for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. All thanks to former Delta State governor, Dr. Emmanuel Udaughan. Delicate medical procedures like Kidney transplant can now be carried out. Emmanuel Uduaghan was a medical doctor before coming in power. I guess he must have experienced firsthand the problems with the health system in the state. DELSU is better for it now.

Lagos State University (LASU)

LASU though very prone to industrial actions, has one of the best colleges of medicine in the country. The general standard of education in LASU might not put into in the top ten Nigerian Universities. Nevertheless, the medical school more than makes up for it, after LUTH in Lagos, the next is LASUTH. LASUTH is another very good teaching hospital.

University of Benin (UNIBEN)

Uniben is amongst the prestigious Nigerian schools, its school of medicine was established in 1973. Between then and now, they have churned out high quality medical personnel. This is one of the reason they are on this list.

University of Nigeria Nsukka, (UNN)

In the South Eastern part of the country, UNN has no rival in the field of medical education. What UITH is to the South West and what ABUTH is to the North is exactly what UNTH is to the South East. When you hear that someone has been carried to UNTH, it means the case in critical. They are the best in the South East.

Ambose Ali University, Ekpoma (AAU)

Though last, they are by no means the least in Nigeria. For them to be on this list is no mean feat. AAU is owned and run by the government of Edo state.  They have a good college of medicine and the school hardly ever goes on strike.

These are the best schools offering medicine in Nigeria, if you can’t afford to study outside the country, these schools will make good choices. UI by far is the most difficult to get into, and the easiest here will be ABU Zaria. The only reason for this is the location of the school, but if you think you don’t mind staying in the North for at least 6 years, then give it a try (am assuming you don’t leave in the North).  Saying ABU is the easiest doesn’t negate the need for hard work. It is medicine after all, and all things being equal, they only take the best brains.

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