Beverly Osu Raises Concern About Weird Looking ‘Bum Bums’ (Video)

Nigerian actress and ex BBA housemate, Beverly Osu in her new video raised concern about weird looking bums in the name of cosmetic surgery.

She said she isn’t condemning cosmetic surgery itself but confused about those not done properly. The actress further advised women that if they want to have a butt surgery, then should do it well.

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Ladies I am not against any of you doing your bodies but if you are going to do your body, please do the bum bum well,” Beverly Osu captioned the post.

“The bum bum nowadays is just looking like box. Everybody’s ass is just looking like sponge box square pants. Short girls now doing their ass again, making them look as if they are dropping.

Do your ass oh, but please just do it nice”

Watch The Hilarious Video Below:

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