Blog 101 – 50 Blogging FAQs and Answers

Today, we’ll be going to Blogging School and here, I’ll attempt to answer some 50 Frequently Asked Questions by bloggers and prospective bloggers.

Many of these questions have been scooped from questions I hear bloggers ask in forums, blogs, and social media; hopefully you find them helpful.

Let’s get started!


  1. Which platform should I build my blog on?

There are tons of free platforms out there who give you the opportunity to freely start a blog; choosing one to fly with might present some sort of dilemma but in the end, it’s better to choose a platform that checks all the boxes for you. If you are confused about whether to use any of the big two; blogger and wordpress, then check out blogger vs wordpress ultimate comparison.

If you intend on making money with your blog,  WordPress should be your best bet.


  1. What really is a Blog?

 It’s a question that keeps popping up here and there – what really is a blog? Just for you, I have written a comprehensive answer to that question. Here’s my comprehensive answer to what a blog really is.


  1. Why should I own a blog?

If you’re reading this and you don’t own a blog yet, then the question should be, why shouldn’t you own a blog? A blog gives you platform to express yourself and earn some popularity and money while you’re at it.

Could you imagine the internet today without blogs? Believe me, it’ll be boring! You’re welcome to join the blogosphere my friend, it’s fun!


  1. How do I monetize my blog?

This is one important question many bloggers are actively searching for. To monetize your blog, you have to first put in an effort in making your blog a place filled with great and consistently updated content.

You can then use your blog to make some money by signing up for Pay-per-click advertising, getting a sponsor who displays Ad banner on your blog, using Cost per Mile Advertising, etc. I elaborated more on how you can monetize your blog in this article “20 ways to monetise your blog


  1. How do I get more comments on my blog?

Getting people to comment on your blog shouldn’t be much of a difficult task if you blog checks all the boxes for a good blog; such as high quality well-researched content and a high-traffic margin. Commenting on other blogs also helps you get more comments on your blog. See my post on how to get more comments on your blog.


  1. Is blogging difficult?

I decided to answer this question because I’ve heard it being asked lots of times out there.

Blogging will only be difficult if you do not put your heart into it. No good thing is achieved easily and neither is blogging. Blogging is fun, although you need to put in some hard work to make it work.

Feeling lazy to maintain your blog? Read my blogging tips for the lazy blogger.


  1. How much will it cost me to own and run a blog?

Owning a blog shouldn’t cost you a dime! However, other services related to blogging might come as a premium. Services such as premium themes, your blog design (if you can’t do it yourself) and a self-hosted domain are not free.

The aforementioned services are quite affordable and none would leave a hole in your pocket. You be on your way with $50.


  1. Do I need to be a web designer to own a blog

The simple answer to that question is, NO! You don’t need to know how to code or be a web designer before you can own and manage a blog.

Lots of blogging platforms are now user friendly and do not require you to be a guru in HTML before you can use them. However, knowing a thing or two about how to cod never hurt anyone.


  1. How do I attract more visitors to my blog?

Driving traffic to your blog requires an effort from you. First you have to understand that your content is key – make it the best! Then you need to share your posts on social media and promote each post as much as possible. You also need to optimize your blog for search engines.


  1. What do I blog about?

It’s best you define what your blog would be about before you go ahead to create it. It is also preferable you blog about something that draws your passion, something you love talking about.


  1. Should I create new social media accounts for my blog or use my existing accounts?

It’s better to use your existing social media accounts for promoting your blog than create a new. For one you already have existing followers who are quite value.

If you don’t have an existing social media account, then it’s alright to create one for your blog.


  1. How often should I post on my blog?

I’ll answer by asking you, ‘how often can you post?’ I’m talking of top quality posts. Updating your blog depends entirely on you and how much effort you’re willing to put into writing.

It is however important to note that you must not drop so much posts such that most of your content become obscured; except you’re running a news blog.

You must not allow your content to get too outdated too. Posting 4 or more times weekly is just fine.


  1. How many words should I write per post?

It all depends on what you’re writing about. Detail is appreciated by readers who are really interested in gaining the knowledge you’re sharing; while too much details could put off impatient readers. I advice that you don’t publish post which are less than 500 words, except it’s a news article.


  1. How should my first blog post look like?

It’s important that you make a good impression with your first blog post; it’s however even more important that you be yourself as much as possible. Let your audience here you as much as possible.

Your first blog post shouldn’t be too long. Just make it captivating, informative and simple. My post on how to write an awesome first blog post will certainly be of help.


  1. How do I choose a nice theme for my blog?

Choosing a theme might present a sort of dilemma for newbie bloggers due to the vast array of options available to them; however, it is advisable to choose a theme choose a theme that doesn’t slow down your blog (responsive) and is also mobile friendly.

Remember, choosing the wrong theme might adversely affect your search engine ranking.


  1. Is it necessary I create a Facebook page immediately I create my blog?

Yes! Why wait?


  1. How do I get loyal readership for my blog?

The answer to this, lies in your dedication and content. How good and helpful your content is, will help you build a loyal readership. Responding to comments and interacting with your subscribers also helps.


  1. I use WordPress, how do I add a YouTube video to my post?

Simply copy the link to the video from YouTube, click on the play icon on the icon tray when editing your post and paste the link. You can then choose a dimension for your video.


  1. Can I create CSS on my blog post using WordPress?

Yes you can. You can change how each post appears from the admin, dashboard and appearance panel.


  1. How do I get more Ads on my blog?

If you are desperate to have a few Ads adorn your blog, you could sign-up for some affiliate marketing websites and start displaying products on your blog for a commission.

You can also work towards getting Adsense approval for your blog. See my non-techie guide to setting up Adsense on your blog.


  1. Are there any software I can use to analyze keywords

The fact that you’re asking this question means you understand the importance of keywords in blogging. A few software I recommend include: Google keyword tool, and Semrush. Check them out.


  1. How do I get more people to follow my blog on twitter.

It’s all about your interaction on twitter. If you are active on twitter and constantly tweet and retweet good stuffs then you are bound to get more followers on twitter.

Ensure your readers can easily share your content on social media by inserting social media share buttons including one for twitter.

Follow top bloggers in your niche and tweet at them. Some software tools can be used to automatically tweet for you even while you’re offline; I recommend RoundTeam.


  1. Is it a good idea to submit my blog to social bookmarking websites?

The simple answer is yes. Here is my list of 100 social bookmarking websites to submit your blog.


  1. What is Quora? Does it help my blogging?

Quora is a questions and answers website with a lot of similarities to a social media website because you can follow people on the platform and have them follow back. You can freely share your content to the online community.

Yes, Quora is good for your blog, it help you generate traffic if you’re active enough.


  1. How do I get loyal subscribers for my blog?

Promote your blog the best way you can and make sure you have a great content for your readers. With those two tips you will definitely get more subscribers.


  1. Why does my blog load slowly?

Your blog could be loading slowly for a host of reasons; these could include the number of plugins you’re using, the amount of data on your website (flash and video), the theme you are using etc.

Use responsive themes and ensure your blog is mobile friendly. This will also help your search engine ranking. This post on, why your website loads slowly, will help you understand better.


  1. How long will it take to get Adsense approval for my new blog

The answer to this depends on you. You need to have steady traffic first and your blog must contain plenty of rich plagiarism-free content.

You can get Adsense approval in a month or less if you work at it.


  1. Is it OK to offer my readers freebies to keep them loyal?

Once more this is entirely up to you. I’ve seen plenty of bloggers offer incentives to their readership but I’ve never tried it myself. Only do what you know you can handle.


  1. How much should I expect my blog to make on a monthly basis

Topic of making money via your blog is always a sensitive one. However, with some nice content and with your preferred monetization strategy, you should start earning your first few hundred dollars.


  1. How do I get a company to sponsor my blog?

This is one great way to monetize your blog. Getting a company to advertise their business with your blog and become your sponsor will require that you do some digital marketing.

You could show the company how some of their competitors are getting more traffic by advertising on various blogs.


  1. How do I get guest bloggers to post on my blog?

There are plenty of guest bloggers who would like to post on your blog. However, your blog must have attained some level of popularity, before you start soliciting for guest bloggers.

You can get a guest blogger to post on your blog simply by asking the community of bloggers on social media or by advertising a guest blogging position on your blog.


  1. What is a Vlog?

Just as a blog is a web log comprising of texts, images and sometimes video, updated in reverse chronological order; a vlog is nearly the same thing, but in this case only video are posted.

Vlog are gradually becoming popular today as bloggers seek for a more physical interaction with their audience.


  1. How do I make my blog more interesting?

One word – Video!

Adding video to your blog posts takes the post to a whole new level. However, it’s best to use video that aren’t more than 5 minutes long, to avoid boring your audience.


  1. What is the lifespan of my blog

Your blog remains alive for as long as you’re willing to work on it.


  1. How do I ask my audience what sort of content they’re interested in, aside from asking them via a post on my blog?

The best way to feel your audience pulse is to create a simple survey using Survey monkey or any other survey creator you chose, then you can promote your survey on your blog’s social media accounts.

You could also send it to your mailing list to create more traffic for your survey.


  1. Are Google Images good for my blog post or not?

Many of the images you find on Google might be copyright protected, it’s best to search for websites that offer copyright-free images. Here’s my list of websites that offer copyright-free images.


  1. How do I identify the top bloggers on my niche?

They’re there on the internet, just do a little bit of research; their digital footprint is all over the place.


  1. Is it possible to make money instantly with a new blog?

I’ll say yes. Then I’ll ask you; how instantly can you deliver great content? How instantly can you get an audience? And how instantly can you get sponsors? It’s as simple as that.


  1. Where can I get online support for my blog?

Look for blogging forums like Warrior Forum and Blackhat, watch YouTube videos, and make your research on search engines.


  1. What are the best SEO plugins for WordPress?

SEOPressor, Yoast SEO are great for keyword optimization, Broken Link Checker, Google XML Sitemaps Plugin also helps in building your sitemap which is great for  SEO.


  1. How often should I email the subscribers of my newsletter?

Once a week is just fine. But you can make it once a month if you don’t post too frequently.


  1. How do I get Google to rank my new blog faster?

If you can get a backlink from a popular website or blog, it won’t take 3-6 months long before your blog gets a ranking from Google – You could ranked in a week or less.

To get backlinks, you could do some guest blogging for top blogs or you could just make a request.

Commenting on top blogs is also a good idea.


  1. Since I don’t see any comments on my blog yet, should I turn off comments on my new blog until I got more traffic?

NO! You could turn off the few people who will love to comment on your blog. Let your blog grow and you’ll see more people comment on your posts – it’s a gradual process.


  1. How many categories should my blog ideally have?

A maximum of 15 categories is just fine. However, you should know that the more categories you have, the more work you’ll have to do in updating them.

Categories are good for sorting out your content but you shouldn’t overwork yourself with them.


  1. Why did my blog stop ranking on Google?

You shouldn’t bother yourself much about this. It is perfectly normal for the Search engine results page (SERP) to dynamically change from time to time.

Your blog must have gone down the SERP or be moved to another page because probably due to freshness, number of backlinks pointing to your post or relevance.


  1. What should I do when I run out of blog topic ideas?

If you can think of any keywords in your niche, you could use my any of these blog topic generators to generate topics.

You could also interact with your audience on social media and see if a topic comes to mind. Finally, you could check out what other bloggers in your niche are writing about and try to write something similar with your own perspective.


  1. I have an exclusive content on my blog, how do I stop people from republishing it?

You really can’t stop anyone from republishing your content online. However, you could contact the author and ask them to give you credit for using your content or remove your content from their website, if they refuse, you could take legal action against them.


  1. I want to own a blog but I’m not too good at English, what do I do?

If your English is so poor that you can’t write quality posts that are free of grammatical errors, I suggest you postpone the idea of starting a blog until you complete your English lesson. There are a lot of online help you can get which could help you overcome the challenge. You can also go the route of hiring freelance writers in you locality to create your ideas in English.

You could start your blog in your native language which could also work out fine.


  1. Which plugins are an absolute necessity for my new WordPress blog?

Contact form, RSS footer, Feedburner, Jetpack, MetaMagic and SEOPressor.


  1. How do I get readers to subscribe to my blog via RSS?

The best way to get people to subscribe to your RSS feed is to ensure your content is unique, informative and captivating. Also ensure you promote your content on social media and social bookmarking websites.

Make sure the RSS icon is clearly visible on your blog so that your audience can easily subscribe to your blog even without a prompt.


I’ve done my best to respond to as many Frequently Asked Questions as I could lay my hands on; however, I know there are still numerous other questions that needs answering. If you have any questions you’ll need me to respond to, my comment box beckons.

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