Bouncer Beats Up Stripper For Demanding Her Pay In Benin, Edo State (Video)

A lady cries out as her friend who is a stripper was beaten up by a security for demanding her pay after working.

This allegedly happened in club Eldorado in Benin, Edo state.

According to her, her friend demanded her pay and the manager said she can’t be paid in full because they didn’t make enough sales. He then asked the security to beat her up when she insisted for her pay.

She wrote;

“This girl worked as a stripper for club, Club Eldorado and she wasn’t paid after working. The security man started beating her up because she demanded for her pay.

“The club manager said they did not make sales so they cannot pay her full money. Then he ordered the security man to beat and tie her down. They beat her and landed her in a police station.”

Watch Video Below:

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