Breaking News: Ethiopian President Resigns

According to the State news agency ENA, the President of Ethiopia Mulatu Teshome files his resignation on Wednesday to the Ethiopian Parliament. Teshome, 63, has been the country’s head since October 2013, on Wednesday submitted his resignation letter.

Ethiopian Parliament’s two houses are slated to consider his resignation and appointing a successor according to the constitution. The House of Parliament has made the unanimous decision to name his successor in an extraordinary session on Thursday.

According to ENA, the joint extraordinary session of the House of Parliament on Thursday will not only deliberate on the president’s resignation but elect a new president.

The former president who conducted his doctoral studies in International law at Peking University in China was appointed as the country’s head on October 7, 2013, while he was serving as Ethiopia ’ s ambassador to Turkey.

Teshome had served in various high-level government office and posts as Spokesperson of the House of Federation, Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Cooperation, and Minister of Agriculture.

In addition to this, he had served in various diplomatic capacities representing the East African country to China, Turkey, Thailand, Japan, and Azerbaijan. Teshome is one of the political stalwarts of Oromo Democratic Party, which is one of the four member parties of the reigning Ethiopian People ’s Revolutionary Democratic Front.

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