Buhari’s Achievement Is Proliferation of Poverty – Presidential Candidate

  • Says it was not surprising that Nigeria was the capital of world poverty.
  • Describes the current system of governance as ‘dysfunctional’,

Professor Peter Nwagwu, the presidential candidate of We The People of Nigeria party in the 2019 presidential election has said that what President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration has provided for the country in the past four years is a proliferation of poverty amongst Nigerians.

Nwagwu in a statement in Kaduna, said it was not surprising that Nigeria was the capital of world poverty because the government did not do anything to improve the well being of its people.

Speaking on the level of abject poverty in the country, he said those at the grassroots had no choice than to collect money and rice to vote for unscrupulous candidates during elections.

The don who alleged that some Nigerians sold their votes for as little as N500 in the 2019 general elections noted that it is difficult to stop a desperate and poor, hungry man from selling his votes, he, however, said he was ready to provide an alternative way to clean up the system.

“That is why we formed this party to set a new standard to clean up Nigerians and adopt a responsible Political process that will be driven by selfless service to grassroots,’’ Nwangwu said.

According to him, nearly 98 per cent of Nigerians in and outside the Country are dissatisfied with the state of affairs in Nigeria.

While describing the system of governance ‘dysfunctional’, he said infrastructure, as well as erratic power supply, insecurity, corruption, high rate of unemployment, lawlessness, destruction,  has dampened the morale of the citizens.

“There is nothing wrong with the geographical space called Nigeria, but the Country is just a victim of years of bad leadership.”

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