Cheapest Data Plans for Android Phones in Nigeria

We love the internet, and a lot of us young people are addicted to it. Personally, I feel dead and lost without data. That Airtel advert “you are lost without data” which stars Gabriel Afolayan describes how I feel exactly without data. And I know I am not the only one who feels this way.

In the last two years, data has become insanely cheap, even cheaper than a sachet of pure water. You don’t believe it right? Let’s do small maths. For most networks, N1k worth of data is usually at least 1gig or 1.5gig. If N1000 equals 1000Mb (we know that 1gig=1000mb). N1000=1000mb, if we do small maths here, N1=1mb. And sometimes it could be more. That is if the network gives 1.5gig for N1000. So you see, with one mb you can send plenty emails with documents as attachments. So you can see how cheap data has become. Some networks have even raised the bar.

I’ll be showing you the cheapest Android data bundle available and the codes for using them.

Cheap Data Plans in Nigeria

Glo Data Plan

They call themselves the Grand Masters of data, we all know why right? but are known to have been called the grand slaves of delivery and the grand snails of speed, I think we all know why. Almost everyone uses the Glo data bundle plan, and the reason is the great volume they give on very little amount of money. As far as data is, concerned Glo has the cheapest data plan for Android devices.  But as for speed, they are the slowest, it can be so frustrating. Like what does it profit a man to have so much data and be unable to use it.

That’s the way Glo makes you feel sometimes. That was how Glo was before now. But of recent they have slashed their data allowance by 50%.  With Glo now you get 1.6GB for 1k, 3.75GB for 2k, 5GB for N2,500, and 6GB for 3k and. The most beautiful thing about Glo data is that you can share it. So you can actually put money together. Say four friends put N4, 000 together you’ll get 8GB and then you can now share it, its validity period is 30days. That would be better than each person buying N1000 separately would.  Glo of course has daily plans, weekly plans, and much larger plans than these. Just dial *777# from a Glo sim and all the options both for buying and sharing will be made available. With Glo you have to be extremely patient though, the speed is slow most of the time. It also works on Modems, so you can browse with a pc.

Airtel Data Plan

So Airtel is like the perfect hybrid to me. It has very good speed for good price. Nothing near as cheap as Glo though light years faster than Glo. If you use Airtel, you may never want to use Glo again, initially though. But when you run out of data faster than you are used to, then you may want to think of Glo. Airtel charges per speed, therefore, the faster your speed, the faster your data gets exhausted.

One of the best Airtel plans I have used is the Trybe night plan. With this plan, Airtel charges N25 for 500mb and N200 for 1.5GB. It is valid from 12am-5am, and the code is *312#. This plan is exclusive only to those on the Trybe tariff plan. You can migrate to Trybe 2.0 with the code *312#.

Another Airtel plan I use is the Airtel daily and weekly plan. The daily plan is N100 for 50mb,dial *410# for all the daily bundle options. The weekly plan costs N300 for 350MB, the code is *417 for all weekly bundle plan.

N500 for 750MB, validity 2 weeks, dial *418# to subscribe.

N1000 for 1.5GB, validity 30days, dial *496# to opt in, it works for Android and all other devices.

N2000 for 3.5GB, validity is 30days, dial *437# to opt in, works on all devices.

N2,500 for 5GB, validity is for 30days dial *437*1#, if you can afford it this is the best plan to go for. There are other plans along this line but they are more expensive.

And for heavy downloaders, this is the main sh*t.  This is some kind of time conscious unlimited plan. The cheapest is N300 for 30minutes, and it goes all up to N1000 for 2hours. With moderate speed, you can use up to 3GB. Imagine the amount of insanely cool stuff you could download in just 2 hours. This offer is valid from 12am to 6am. With these Airtel plans, you are good to go.

MTN Data Plan

MTN is air when it comes to data speed and price. It’s just somewhere in-between for most Nigerians. Definitely better than Airtel and Glo combined but still not the best for speed. Still, MTN has some pretty good data plans. Check the out!

Daily plans- N100 for 30MB, dial *104# or text 104 to 131.

N200 for 100MB, dial *113# or text 113 to 131. The both plans are valid for only 24

Weekly plans-N500 for 750MB, valid for 7 days, to opt in dial *103# or you can text 103 to 131

Monthly plans-N1000 for 1.5GB dial *106# or text 106 to 131

N2000 for 3.5GB, dial *110# or text 110 to 131.

N5000 for 10GB, dial *116# or text 116 to 131.

Night plans- N25 for 500MB text “Night” to 131, this is exclusive to Mtn Pulse subscribers.

This is the long and short of Mtn cheapest browsing plans. And all these plans can be used irrespective of the device.

Etisalat Data Bundle

Etisalat arguably is the most reliable internet service provider in the country right now. Even underground, it works, it is that good. But every good thing comes at a price, right? It is a tad bit more expensive than other networks though. These are the plans and their prices below

Daily plans-N50 for 10MB, dial *229*3*8#

N100 for 40MB, dial *229*3*1#, both plans are valid for only 24 hours.

Weekly plans-N200 for 150MB, dial *229*2*10#

Weekend plans-500 for 1GB, valid for one weekend, to opt in dial *5995*2#

Monthly plans-N500 for 500MB ( 0nly Etisalat has a monthly plan for this price),  dial *229*2*12# to get in.

N1000 for 1GB, dial *229*2*7#, N1200 for 1.2GB dial *229*2*25#, N2000 for 2.5GB dial *229*2*8#, N2500 for 3.5GB. you can see how expensive this is. Well that’s Etisalat for you. They are the least frequently used internet service provider, though the most reliable.

So here you have it, the cheapest data bundles for android devices in Nigeria. Once in a while, prices are reviewed, and when that happens we will keep you posted.

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