‘ElClasico Will Not Be Disrupted Despite Coronavirus Fears’ – Laliga President

Laliga has announced that the El Clasico would go on as planned despite confirmed cases of the Coronavirus in Spain.

Javier Tebas, Laliga president confirmed that there are Coronavirus protocols put in place should the infection spread even more. To this end, the clash between the Laliga giants, Barcelona and RealMadrd would be at no risk and would hence continue as expected.

The virus which originated from the Hubei province in China has now killed over 2800 people and has spread across 53 countries.

While Italy has been affected the most by the virus in Europe with several of his towns strict on movements across the border, there have been 32 confirmed cases of the virus in Spain as of Friday.

The widespread of the virus in Italy had led to the postponement of several sporting events including the Serie A and the lower tiers of Italian football. Five of this weekend’s matches are also set to be played behind closed doors as a result.

Tebas iterates that the Laliga would make any necessary decisions when the time comes but insists that he doesn’t see the ElClasico disrupted in anyway.

“We haven’t considered the possibility of postponing the Clasico or any other games, but as of Sunday evening we have opened a coronavirus commission within LaLiga to monitor the situation,” the Laliga president told reporters.

“We have a plan in place for different cities regarding whether we can play behind closed doors or not. That situation has not yet arisen in Madrid and neither has the matter of postponing the Clasico.

“It’s one thing to postpone a game and another not to play it. We have been looking at the possibility of playing games behind closed doors and, if that is not possible, then we will postpone.

“If that case arises, we have dates prepared for when we can stage those games. We have presented this plan to UEFA so they can also bear in mind European ties involving Spanish teams.

“We are working on precaution, not improvisation.”

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