#ElectionResults: Comprehensive Number of Votes, Buhari Currently Leading

As INEC continues to announce the official results of the various states in the 2019 presidential elections, APC Muhammadu Buhari appears to be leading.

Below is a comprehensive list of the number of votes gathered by the two major contenders in the 2019 presidential election.

From all indications, APC fully won in Osun, Ekiti, Kwara, Nassarawa, Yobe and Gombe States.

APC is also partially winning in Kaduna, and Oyo States.

The PDP on the other hand is partially winning in Rivers, Plateau, Imo, Adamawa, and Benue.

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Presidential Election: APC wins in Ekiti State

2019 Presidential Election: INEC announces OSun State results, APC wins

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