Exclusive: People Living With Disabilites Can Solve There Financial Problems Themselves – Falade

The Executive Director of Angel Wings Global Freedom Foundation, Biose Falade has urged People Living With Disabilities (PWDs) to stop begging for charity, saying they can solve their problems themselves by discovering their talents.

Biose who was born with a virus which had made her unable to sit or stand normally stated this at a talent acceleration programme themed: Basic Employability Skills Training For Persons With Disabilities (BEST-4-PWDs) which featured career intelligence, leadership and job readiness skills with modules on business case analysis and one-on-one business mentoring held at Initiative For Information Arts And Culture Development (IACD) American Corner, Jericho, Ibadan, Oyo state.

The programme was organised to discuss disability from a courageous standpoint and get solutions to their challenges in collaboration with Youth Aids Development Initiative.

Participants at the event

Reacting to a question from one of the participants at the event, who suggested that there should be a financial institution that will be meant to assist PWDs, Falade noted that PWDs are the most awesome human being on earth.

“We are the most awesomeness human being who can solve our financial problems ourselves basically because whatever we want to do, when we put our mind to it, we get it done and we get it done well.

“He shouldn’t ask for an institution, I think he should ask what can do to help. Like Abraham Lincoln said do not ask what the country can do for you, but you can do for your country.”

Speaking on growth mindset, Afeyedion Raphael, a programme officer at Educare Trust charged the PWDs not to be intimidated by being called disable.

He, therefore, urged them to renew heir mindset, telling them that they have the ability to achieve a lot of things.

Giving an example of a lady with no hand and leg who is into makeup, he pointed that “many of us who has the hands and the legs are more disabled because we believe we have everything.

“We are like a kid who is born into a rich family. His life starts with his fathers’ parlour and ends in his bedroom. This makes such a person believes that he can get whatever he wants by a simple tap.

“That’s why whenever such person has a barrier before him, it’s always a problem. He doesn’t think out of the bus to bring himself out,” he said.

While urging them to move away from their comfort zones, Raphael urged them to be desperate for success.

He also noted that when a mind is not opened for growth, there is no platform for growth, he, therefore, advised them to achieve a goal yearly.

“Look into yourself and think of what you can achieve. Don’t let your environment discourage you. Don’t let people tell you that you can’t make it. Sometimes, people around you determine who you are. It’s better to try than not to try at all.”

While stating that growth mindsets affect one’s purpose in life, he noted that each individual is blessed with a talent or more, advising them to know what they need to do to grow.

Speaking on talent development, Sophia Reese, a marketing and business development consultant noted that many people are yet to discovered their talents as they don’t even know the talent they have.

Participants at the event

Differentiating skills and talent she noted that skill is an acquired knowledge through education, while talent is inborn.

While stating that talents are like clues to discovery one’s destiny, she noted that not discovering it is like working next to ones’ shoes; that is working against one’s self. She said ones that talent is found, it’s gonna lead to success which will bring more success.

Noting that talent doesn’t fall from heaven, she also added that using it is like training it which will make it easier especially when young.

Reese, who used writing as an instance noted that with the aid of technology, talents can easily be discovered in creating a blog or column to express one’s view; which is nurturing such talent.

On how talents can be discovered she urged the attendees to open their minds, go to new places, meet new people, go online and find resources that will aid their talent.

While stressing that sometimes, people close to them may not allow them to find their talent, she urged them to get rid of their mental barriers by trying new things.

She also urged them to ask others and people around them in helping them discover their talents.

“Just follow your heart and you will find many things that work with your talents. Start digging your garden, maybe you will find golds and diamonds. Don’t wait for your neighbour to give you some of his money. Dig your garden and look for ours” she advised.

Speaking on the fundamentals of running a business, Mrs Funke Ogunsola, a certified Human Resources practitioner and skill coach, urged the participants to share their business ideas with their family who might be interested in the idea and provide capital for the business to run.

While noting that some organization that can give out grants depending on the types of initiative, she mentioned partnership as well, urging them to put the terms of the agreement into writing all the time.

For new starters, she urged them to flesh out their ideas, understand the legal impediment and know how to follow the laid down rules and get their businesses going.

Participants and speakers in a group photograph

She also advised them to document and establish their standard process especially the ones in the hospitality industry.

“Knowing your standards, procedures are important. You have to capture other necessary inputs, document them to be part of your guideline as your works manual.”

She also urged them to operate their businesses with good habit by separating business account from personal finances as well.

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