Film Producer, Ayo Shonaiya Reacts To Naira Marley and Zlatan’s Pose in Pictures Taken By EFCC

Ayo Shonaiya, Film Producer and Lawyer reacted to Naira Marley and Zlatan’s pose in the pictures taken by EFCC after their arrest for internet fraud.

The film producer compared their pose to  mugshots of famous celebrities like Lil Wayne, Frank Sinatra, Snoop Dog who at some point had “run afoul of the Law.”

However, Ayo Shonaiya reveal he has mixed feelings about the picture. While the famous celebrities like Lil Wayne committed personal crimes, he said Naira Marley and Zlatan’s crimes will affect the whole country.

He also argued that people stop using the label “Yahoo Yahoo” to make fraud look cool.

Read His Post Below:

When I saw the picture posted today by @officialefcc about the “arrest” of Naira Marley, Zlatan Ibile and other persons, I had mixed emotions. On one hand, I liked it because this is “that picture”.

“Just like world famous celebrities who have at some point in their lives (often during their youth) run afoul of the Law, and their mugshots become famous, even to the point of people printing it on T-shirts. 

“Lil’ Wayne, James Brown, Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, Frank Sinatra, the Kray Twins, Hugh Grant, and of course notorious drug lord & the ultimate baddest outlaw, Pablo Escobar! Remember Pablo Escobar used drug money to “help” the Colombian economy?

“And loads of Colombians prayed for him. You know in the Nigerian music industry we have Bad, Baddo, Baddest, & Young Pablo. I myself even appeared in a short film recently called “Narcos Lagos”! 😎 😉 It’s all creativity and Art. Believe it or not, they have just made Naira Marley & Zlatan future legends!!!

“And I promise you I love all these guys. The ones that know me personally know this. Bad ass creative minds! 🙌🏾 But, on the other hand, the infamous mugshots of the other “legends” were for what I call “personal” crimes.

“Even though every crime is bad, they were not crimes that labelled their countrymen & women with a negative identity, & also didn’t adversely affect the reputations of millions of their fellow citizens (maybe Colombia with the drugs, but you get my point). 

“The crime in question in the EFCC pic is FRAUD! Let’s stop saying “Yahoo Yahoo” because it has obviously become cool to a lot of youths now. We desperately need to re-strategise the war against crime in our country, from the “top” to the bottom. 

“So, while the other mugshots are for personal crimes that only themselves got punished for, our own future legends pic is about glamourising a crime that 180 MILLION Nigerians pay for everyday, in all ramifications & all over the world, as we are ALL seen as fraudsters and thieves. This is the painful difference between the other infamous pictures & our own. And this is why, on the real, I am also sad about this picture.”

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