How to Cook Groundnut Soup

Groundnut soup is another great soup. It is prepared almost the same way as Egusi Soup. Some advice to cook groundnut soup as an alternative if you want to cook egusi and you’re unable to find the egusi soup ingredients.

Groundnut soup tastes great and you might get addicted if you’re taking the first time because you will desire more and more. Groundnut soup is just as easy to make as the popular egusi soup.

Use this recipe and get cooking!

Ingredients for Groundnut Soup

Raw peeled groundnuts (500g)

Assorted meat

Dry fish

Stock fish

Palm Oil

Nigerian Pumpkin leaves

Ground crayfish (2 teaspoons)

Big stock cubes (2)


Ground dry habanero pepper

Before Cooking…

Marinate the stockfish with dry fish for a few hours. How long depends on how hard the stock fish is. You may even need to boil some a bit.

Once it become  soft, cleanse the fish, debone it and cut them into small pieces. Pour and roast the raw groundnuts in a pan, stir it constantly till they look brown. Then keep aside to cool down after which you then grind into powder.

Thoroughly wash and cut the Nigerian pumpkin leaves. Cut  into tiny pieces.

Grind the crayfish as well as the pepper.

Groundnut Soup Preparation Steps

Begin by cooking the cow tripe (shaki) since it is the toughest meat there.When the cow tripe begins to curl, then put the dry fish with stockfish.

When the cow tripe is nearly done, add beef, stock cubes and cook till the fish and all the meat are well done. After this, then add the crayfish, pepper and salt.

Then cover and leave to cook till it boils. Move the fish and meat to a different pot leaving the stock behind in the pot. Add the grounded groundnuts and ensure to stir very well until there are no lumps. Bring down the heat down and begin to cook.

Stir it every 5 minutes and add water if necessary. This mixture has the capacity to burn easily, be vigilant and stir as often as needed. Cook until a thin clear film of oil appears at the face.

This would normally take about 15 minutes. Then pour palm oil and ensure it is well stirred. Cook with low heat after adding the beef and fish. Stir very well and cook till it boils.

For people who like their groundnut soup without adding vegetables, then your soup is ready. But if you like it with vegetables, then add the vegetables. Stir and allow to simmer for few minutes. Stir again and the soup is done.

You may enjoy with any of the swallow such as eba, fufu, semo, wheat, pounded yam etc. You will surely enjoy this.

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