Here’s What Buhari Thinks is Africa’s Biggest Problem

President Muhammadu Buhari came out today to name what he thinks are biggest problems bedeviling Africa.

The President identified terrorism, maritime insecurity, trafficking in persons, trafficking in weapons, drugs, cyber insecurity, illicit financial flows and infrastructural deficit as Africa’s main challenges.

Mr. President said the aforementioned challenges has continued to be the bane of the African State and that comprehensive infrastructural and economic development are militating against the emergence of Africa as an important player in global affairs.

In a statement issued at the 27th Africa-France Summit for Partnership, Peace and Emergence holing in Bamako, Mali, Buhari said these challenges were still confronting Africa despite many gains made from the partnership between the continent and foreign nations such as France.

”Notably, France has been playing important roles in the areas of development as well as peace and security on the African continent,” he said.

“In particular, our cooperation should strengthen our defence in the context of African Peace and Security Architecture as well as in the areas of intelligence sharing, capacity building and acquisition of military hardware needed to confront the security challenges of the African continent,” said the President.

President Buhari went on to request that African states and France intensify efforts that would help grow the African economy, address social imbalance and steer its youths away from high risk and unproductive ventures.

Buhari said: “Efforts should also be geared towards the development and emergence of the continent through investments in critical sectors such as education, power, solid minerals, agriculture and ICT. This will enable African economies to spur productivity and create employment, thereby addressing some of the socio-economic conditions that contribute to gender inequality, radicalism and youth restiveness as well as the push factors that make our citizens embark on dangerous illegal migration to Europe in search of ‘greener’ pastures.”

“As we continue to mobilise for our own sustainable, predictable and transparent sources of finance that would help the continent pursue its peace, security and development efforts, and address the infrastructural deficit impeding development on the continent; there is the need for this partnership to continue to assist Africa on how to finance its development,” Mr. President concluded.

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