Highest Goal Scorers in Europe for 2017/2018 Season

Whenever we think of the best players in the world, we always think of C.Ronaldo and Messi. The world thinks these two of some kinds of freak of nature, or aliens. Well this season some, earth men are giving the two aliens a run for their money, at least in the goal department. The Europe season has almost ended and the top scorers in the top leagues are gunning for the Golden Shoe award. That’s the award for the highest goal scorer in Europe. We’ll be looking at a list of players who are the closest to winning the trophy.

Mo Salah Liverpool 30 goals

The Egyptian king as he is called Mo Salah is the pride of Anfield. The 2017/2018 season is his debut season in the English Premier League, so it is quite surprising for a lot of people that he’s doing so well. At the moment the 25-year-old is on 40 goals in all competitions, now this is the legendary status for any striker in the premier league. And achieving that in his first season in the most competitive league in the world is very impressive. He’s broken some records which include, being the highest scoring African in a season in Europe. This record was previously held by Ivorian Didier Drogba. Salah has also won the PFA player of the month a record three times. He’s the leading goal scorer in the EPL with 30 goals. His closest rival is Harry Kane of Tottenham who’s on 26 goals. With three more matches to go in the league, he’ll try to hit the 31 EPL goals margin which the EPL greats like Ronaldo and Alan Shearer have achieved.  Salah in the leading scorer for the Golden Shoe award this year both in Epl and also in Europe.

Lionel Messi Barcelona 29 goals

The European shoe award is nothing new to this diminutive striker. He’s won it four times, and the last time was last season when he eventually tied with C.Ronaldo, his arch rival. On the second position of the highest goal scorers in Europe is Messi, at least for the now. He’s on 39 goals, just one behind Mo.Salah. Messi was actually leading, it was Salovertooker took him. Barcelona is out of the UEFA champions league and  There are just 4 more La Liga matches left this season, so that reduces Messi’s chances of clinching this title. However, it doesn’t erase it though. After all, Messi is a freak, no one can say how many goals he’ll score next. Messi has pulled through for Barcelona this season, but this hasn’t been his best season so far. As far goal scoring is concerned. And on this least we also have Lewandoski breathing down his neck for this award. Lewandoski is two goals behind him, apart from those of the Bundesliga.

Robert Lewandoski, Bayern Munich, 27 goals

As far as his goal-scoring antics are concerned this man is not new to anybody. Lewandoski loves the net, and the net loves him back to. Lewandoski had scored 37 goals this season in all competitions, this places him just 3 goals behind Mo.Salah. Bayern Munich has been enjoying a great season as always. They have won the Bundesliga title with a few games to spare, and as always Lewandoski was very instrumental in the scoring.  The league has almost ended, so there are not many more chances to overtake Salah.

Ciro Immobile, Lazio, 27 goals

Immobile has spent just 2 seasons in Lazio, where he moved to from Sevilla. At the moment he’s having a terrific season being the lead goal scorer in his club being the top scorer in Italian Serie A. with Immobile’s help, Lazio fans will be expecting the team to move into the top four position for the league at least next season and stay permanently there. At the moment Lazio in the number 4 position on the Italian Serie A league table. They are just one point ahead of Inter Milan, this is a very precarious position for the club. The 28-year-old has fired them to this position on the table. With 5 more matches to go, we could actually see Immobile climb up some more steps. Time will tell though.

Harry Kane, Tottenham, 26 goals

Harry Kane has won the EPL Golden boot, twice in the last two seasons. He was leading also earlier this year until he lost some play time due to injury. Well as at now he’ back, and the first thing he did was to appeal a goal which was initially awarded to teammate Christen Erickson. There’s been a lot of backlash due to this but, the man is not perturbed. This, however, goes to tell you how seriously top strikers take scoring goals. There are three matches left to play this season, can he catch up to Salah, who’s currently 4 goals ahead of him? Of course, if he catches up to Salah, that will see him also rising amongst top scorers in Europe. Time will tell though, let’s keep on watching.

Edison Cavani, PSG, 25 goals

The Uruguayan star is doing very well at the moment, he has 25 league goals this season. At the beginning of the season, he was playing second fiddle to Brazilian aceman, Neymar, until the young man was injured. During the injury time, Cavani went back to being the most important man in the team.  There are still 5 more matches to go, a lot can still happen, given the calibre of players that are in the PSG team.

Mauro Icardi, Internazionale, 25 goals

The 25-year-old has 25 goals in the Serie A this season and this happens to be his best season, as far as goals are concerned. Inter is trailing behind Lazio by 1 point at this time. With a few more matches to go, they’ll want to climb back up the top four position. Inter has not had a very good goals scoring season, now that’s what even makes his goal scoring all the more impressive. Can Icardi climb up the leaderboard? Yeah very likely, can he catch up with the Salah and Messi? Most unlikely.

Jonas Benfica 33 goals

33 goals? It is not a mistake, the Brazilian actually has scored 33 goals, this season, more than everyone on this least. So what is he doing at number 8 position, I’ll explain? For those competing for European Golden Shoe award, their goals are always awarded some points. For players in top Europe’s five leagues La Liga, Serie A, Premier League, Ligue 1 and Bundesliga, they get 2 points for every goal scored. This is due to the difficulty of their league. Those in the other leagues get 1.5 points per goal or even lesser. So Jonas’ goals have been multiplied by the value of 1.5, that’s why he’s only a lower position.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid, 24 goals

Cristiano Ronaldo had a poor start this season, first, he was banned from some matches, for pushing a referee. And then by the time he came back at the beginning of the season he couldn’t seem to find his rhythm. This must have affected Real Madrid as they also struggled at the beginning of the season, losing the title race in the process. Ronaldo is on fire at the moment with 21 goals from the last 11 games. Thus, once again he has been able to prove naysayers wrong about his longevity as a player. He’s currently second on La Liga top scorers this season, ahead of Suarez and three goals behind Messi.

Luiz Suarez, Barcelona, 23 Goals

The 31-year-old Uruguayan striker is number 10 on the list of likely European Golden Shoe winners. The league is almost done though, so it will only take some sort of miracle for Suarez to win this award. He’s had an okay season this year and has won the Golden Shoe award twice. He was the first person in a long while to break the dominance of C.Ronaldo and Messi in goal scoring in La Liga. But he couldn’t keep up with their goal scoring though.


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