How Cook Nigerian Fried Rice like a Chef

Fried rice is one of the most commonly eaten foods in Nigeria and beyond. The food is not only respected but value as a meal of elegance. It may have derived its elegance from its taste and look. The combination of several colors makes it very attractive and classy.

Fried rice making procedure may seem a bit complicated, but with time, it gets easier.

Ingredients for Fried Rice

Below is a list of ingredients needed to cook typical fried rice. It is called typical fried rice because other components may be added depending on individual choices.

2 cups of rice

3 cups of Cabbage (sliced) (optional)

Green beans {2 cups}

1 cups of sliced Carrot

1 cup of sliced Green pepper

Liver {0.3kg}

1 cup of sliced Onions

Meat {2kg}(chicken, beef or goat meat)

Vegetable oil {150ml}

Peas {half cup}(optional)

Curry powder (coloring spice) {2 Tablespoons}

Salt and pepper

Preparation Steps of Fried Rice

Parboil the meat (goat meat or chicken) with all necessary ingredients as you desire and allow to cook for 10-15 minutes. (teaspoon of salt, half cup of sliced onions, teaspoon of thyme spice, teaspoon of curry, 2 Maggi cubes). After cooking pick out, grill, and deep fry or barbecue. Ensure to keep the stock (meat water)

A list of things to chop and set aside are the cabbage, carrot, green beans and the liver.

Take away the white seeds at the center of the green pepper and chop as well.

Parboil the 2 cups of rice. Ensure you add half of the stock (meat water) and one cup of water, cook until it is about 75% done. It should neither be too soft nor too hard, just almost done. You can add water as much as you love.

How to Cook Fried Rice

Place your cooking pot on stove/cooker, wait until it dries, then add about 150ml of vegetable oil or cooking margarine depending on your choice.

It is advisable you use the same oil you used for meat frying (that’s if you want to use fried meats).

After heating up for a while, the sliced onions and stir for 1-2 minutes.  Then introduce the chopped carrots with green beans, anyone of them may be introduced first. Add the cabbage as well.

Stir the combination on the heat for 1-2 minutes then add the curry powder and stir till you are satisfied with the colour. Curry is a food spice with a yellowish colour; it helps to add that yellowish color of fried rice. Add meat stock (water derived from the spicing of meat), add ground pepper, add salt to taste as well as the chopped liver, add 1-2 Maggi cubes (Knorr is my choice) then stir and taste.

You are likely to have a yellowish mixture that may taste excessively spiced, don’t be bordered by the taste, the rice would sort it out. If yours did not taste overly spiced, you will need to add more salt and another maggi cube to prevent it from being tasteless when the rice is added.

If you are okay with the taste, add the green pepper and stir. Include the almost-done white rice and stir. After this, leave it covered to cook for 5 to 10 minutes, and your fried rice is ready.

Serve with the fried or grilled meat (chicken, beef, etc.) and cold fruit juice or zobo.

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