How to Advertise on Google

Google is a veritable tool for advert placements especially for small businesses. With Google you can advertise online and make sure your business can be seen by the world. There are two ways to do Google advert. One is done using Google’s platform called Google My business, and the other is called Google Adwords .

The former is free, but we’ll be discussing Adwords since it’s the better platform to advertise on Google. Google Adwords is an online advertising platform, which businesses use to have their ads run on Google’s search results page. They look like the search results, except for the word Ad in green which is placed in front of your URL. Adwords also appear on personal websites based on the agreement Google has with these websites.

One of the perks of using adwords is that you only pay per click. If no one clicks your website, you pay nothing. If you want to learn how to do Google adverts, then continue reading.

DIY Advertising Using Google Adwords

To advertise online, your business needs a website and a gmail address. Your website majorly and then your other contact info are what Google will be advertising.

First you need to create a Google Adwords account. This is actually very easy to do, all you need is a few minutes and in about an hour your ads will be up and running. Visit to get started.

Next you’ll have to input your Google user name or Google id. This is the name you use for other Google services like gmail, Google plus and the rest. It’s better to use an official email address.

Next you click on the “create your first campaign”, there you will be prompted to enter the URL of the page you want to send your customers to e.g. Then you enter your audience. The Audience option has three important fields – location, network and keywords.

If you are selling internationally put the name of that country, if your business is local put your city name and remove country.  Keywords are the most likely words you think people will type when searching for your kind of product or service. This part is very important. A good keyword or phrase can help your business name turn up in more searches.

Create your budget

This is how much you want to spend per day; there are no fixed prices for this. $10 is the recommended amount for a start. You can use the “automatically set my bids to get the most clicks within my budget” or you can set it manually. Use Google planner to get an idea of how much you’ll have to pay. Google doesn’t go beyond your budget and they work hard to give you best value for your money.  Usually you bid per keywords. So if your niche has a lot of competitors or is popular then the average bid will be higher. Basically the business with the best bid per keyword will be the first ad to turn up in a search.

Write Your Ads

Here’s is where you’ll communicate what services or product you are selling. Use catchy headlines and short phrases; also make sure your ad is straight to the point. Next you’ll have to choose your payment method and then review your work to check for any mistakes. Save your work and wait for Google to vet your work. When your work has been vetted and your billings confirmed your ad will start running. You should come back at least three times a week to check out how your ads are doing.

The internet is a great tool for putting your business out there, you might want to keep on refining your keywords and all until you have a set that produces for you the best results. Google is everywhere; it is the most popular search engine in the world. Just as it is your go to place for searches, it’s exactly so for others.

So imagine the number of people that can see your adverts on a daily basis. Leverage on Google, other businesses both small and big have benefited from advertising on Google. They also offer free advert services, if you can’t pay. If you are still confused or need professional go to to find out more.


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