How to Advertise On YouTube

Considering the rate at which videos are uploaded and viewed on YouTube, advertising on YouTube is one sure way to put your brand in front of a very large audience.

Advertising on YouTube is not an uphill task. It can be done by anyone with a little knowledge of the computer and some interest.

These five simple steps are a sure guide for you if you are new to the business of advertising on YouTube.

Connect Your YouTube account To Your Google Awards Account

Two accounts are a must have if you want to advertise on YouTube. They are a YouTube account and a Google adWord account. Prior to the creation of a connection between your Google adWord account and your YouTube account, visit .com/video to make a video ad campaign.

After the creation of a video ad campaign, ensure your YouTube account is linked with your ad word account.

 Ad Settings

This step involves fixing the budget you desire for each day. Usually, Google does not charge you for adverts if your ad is not completely watched by a viewer.

Google charges $0.01 to $0.23 each time your ad is completely viewed.

Choose Target Location, target devices, age and gender For Your Ad

Your aim for putting up an ad should be considered when choosing a target location for your ad. If your aim is to promote a certain product, then, being specific is key. To promote a product, your ad should be streamlined to specific group of viewers. However, if your aim of putting up an ad is just to get your brand in the faces of people, targeting a random audience is key.

In choosing locations for your target audience, IP addresses, ZIP codes, states and cities should be put into consideration.

Beyond choosing a target location, getting specific on the choice of gender, age and target device should be made. If your ad stands a higher chance of being viewed by people of a particular gender and age group, your ad should specifically target such gender and age group.

The type of device that will be used to view your ad should also be hugely considered. If there are high chances that your ad will be viewed by desk top users, choosing desk tops as your target device will help drive home your message stronger.

Uploading a Video and Choosing Period for ad To Run

When the choice of a target location is made, the next step is to choose and upload a video to your account from YouTube.

After uploading a video, the choice of the time of the day you want your ad to run should be made. It is important to show case your ads when target audience are less busy. Periods when your you are target audience are on break and when they are done with the day’s job will be ideal choices

Make a Choice of Keywords

You choice of keywords can either make or mar your ad. Longer keywords are preferred over shorter keywords because they are more specific and have the ability to get to the right viewers.

The world of advertising on YouTube is a big and complex one. However, these five tips will go a long way in helping you start advertising on YouTube successfully.

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