How to Check Your BVN Details on Your Phone

The Bank Verification Number (BVN) is a very important code that is vital for any individual who owns a bank account in Nigeria. It was introduced into the banking system in the year 2014 and became really popular after the Federal Government ordered all banks to block any account without a BVN in the year 2015.

How to Check Your Bank verification Number (BVN)

The BVN is an 11 digit number that remains constant irrespective of all the accounts you have with any bank(s). It is attached to all your accounts and is accepted at all banks. BVN was introduced to reduce the rate of theft and money laundering. It is also useful for carrying out transactions in the bank or online. Hence there is the need to always have the code handy.

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Ways to Get Your BVN

There are different ways by which you can check you BVN in case you misplaced it or cannot get access to it immediately.

How to Check your BVN on your Phone

You can easily get your BVN code on your mobile phone. This is a very easy method as there is no category of phone you cannot use as long as such phone can send and receive text messages.

This method also does not require internet connection and it works on all networks including Glo, MTN, Airtel and 9mobile (Etisalat).

How To:

Simply dial *565*0# on your phone. This will bring your BVN number irrespective of whatever bank or network you use.


  1. Checking your BVN using this code costs N20 only.
  2. Some banks also have specific codes to help their customers get the BVN code.

GTBank BVN Check

For GTB account holders, dial *737*6*1#.

Check Your BVN Online

Internet Banking

This method is advised for those who have access to internet or internet enabled phones and do not have credit on such phone at the moment. So in a case where you are out of credit but still need to check your BVN, you can use this method.

How To:

First step is to log on to the internet banking app of your preferred bank. Usually you will see the BVN displayed on the first page atop your details.

Important Information on the BVN

There are certain information about the BVN that most people are unaware of. These include;

  1. The BVN is not issued to individuals below the age of 18
  2. A bank account can only have one BVN
  3. You will not be able to operate ( withdraw from POS or ATM) with an account without a BVN attached
  4. If you make any changes to your data, ensure you update such at the place of your registration.
  5. The BVN is a biometric verification system and so in order to get registered, you need to have your biometric details (such as passport and fingerprints) taken.
  6. The BVN serves as a universal ID that is acceptable for any account at all banks.

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