How to Check Your GCE Result Online

GCE means General Certificate Examination. This examination has worldwide acceptance and can be used for entry into any university in the world.

GCE exams usually take place between  November and December in Nigeria. Generally, in Nigeria General Certificate Examinations are taken by two major sets of people.

The first set of people are those that have taken similar exams in the past and have had issues with a couple of subjects. The second set are those that are yet to sit for any major external examination and who want to sit for GCE before sitting for their WAEC.

The flexibility GCE offers makes it widely accepted among working class adults seeking to obtain a couple of missing papers.

Documents Needed to Check Your GCE Results

To successfully check your GCE result online, you will need the following

A scratch card containing your serial number and Personal Identification Number (PIN)

Your 10-digit WAEC examination number

How to Check Your GCE Result Online

To check your GCE result online, you will need good internet connection in addition to an internet enabled device. Any of the following devices could be used to check your result

An android device, a PC and a smart phone

Your GCE result can be checked in the following simple steps

  • Type in your 10-digit WAEC examination number
  • Type in your examination year. This should be a 4-digit number
  • Pick the type of examination
  • Type in your serial number
  • Type in your Personal Identification Number (PIN)
  • Finally, you’d have to click the submit button.

Common GCE Result Problems and Their Recommendation

It is not unusual for issues to arise when checking your GCE results. Every year, candidates about to take part in GCE examinations nurse the fear of having problems when checking their results. Potential problems when checking your GCE results can be attributed to one or more of the following.



Absence from examination hall

Withheld results

Any of this problems can be treated effectively by putting up a formal complaint. Although putting up a complaint is advised, it does not guarantee a solution to any of the following problems.

After a complaint is received, the relevant bodies will look into the matter and come up with a decision either to turn thing s in the favor of the candidate or leave them the way they are

Cost of Checking GCE Result

Checking your GCE result is absolutely free. However, if you don’t have access to details that come with GCE photo sheet, you will have to buy a scratch card. The scratch card is sold for ₦900

Website for Checking GCE Results

There is only one approved site for checking your GCE result. That site is

You can also get to know your GCE result via sms. To do so, type your exam details in this format

WAEC*ExamNo*PIN*Exam year and send it to 32327(Valid for only Airtel, Glo and MTN subscribers)

To send this sms successfully, it is very important to ensure there is no space between the details you are sending. You will be charged 30 for this sms.

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