How to Check Your 2019 NECO Result Online

NECO simply means National examination council. It is an exam organized for students in their final year in secondary school. NECO usually comes in as a backup plan when writing WAEC. Every year lots of students that get registered for WAEC equally get registered for NECO to prepare for unforeseen circumstances that could hinder their eligibility of getting into the university.

Unlike WAEC, this exam is only valid in Nigeria just as the name suggests.

Documents Needed to Check Your NECO Result Online

Not much is needed to check your NECO result online. To check your NECO result online, all you need to do is to purchase a NECO result checker from any NECO office close to you.

The result checker has a pin which you can use to check your result online. This pin is can only be used five times. If you exceed usage, you will have to buy another card.

How to Check Your NECO Result Online

This method of checking your result is much faster than the manual method of visiting the school in which you wrote your exam or visiting a NECO office.

To check your NECO result online, you will need to have access to the internet. Also, you will need a PC to check your result successfully.

Checking your NECO result online can be done in 5 simple steps. They are:

Visit any on the two NECO result checking sites. They are and This two site both open to columns in which your exam detail can be filled.

Go ahead and select the type of examination you took part in

The next step involves selecting the year you wrote your NECO exam

Type in your Personal Identification Number (PIN) and your examination number.

Lastly click on the check my result button.

Common NECO Result Problems and Recommendations

There are almost no problems with NECO results. Nonetheless, once in a while little hitches arise while candidates are trying to check their results.

The first is the inability of candidates to view their results when checking it the second time. Usually, candidates have no struggles when checking their NECO result the first time. They are therefore advised to print their results immediately after checking it. This is because once in a while, there could be difficulties with checking result the second time.

If this problem persists, you can visit any NECO office closest to you or send a mail to [email protected].

Website to Check Your NECO Result Online

There are two basic websites for checking your NECO result. They are and

Cost of Checking Your NECO Result Online

The cost of checking your NECO result online is the cost of getting a result checking scratch card. A result checking scratch card can be bought for only ₦300. It can be purchased at any NECO office or other designated sales outlets such as cybercafés.

When checking your result with a mobile device, draft a message in the format NECO:Exam no:Exam year; Exam Type: Pin. When sending this message, ensure there is no space between the details you are forwarding. The already drafted message can be sent to 32327. A response containing your result will be gotten in about 5 minutes.

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