How to Check Your WAEC Result Online

WAEC is an acronym which means West African Examination Council. It is the body that is responsible for organizing an exam that marks the end of secondary education.

The examination organized by this body is written in different West African countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, etc. Passing this exam is a critical requirement for getting into the university in most of these countries. WAEC is also usually the first major external exam written by students. As a result of this there is usually a lot of pressure on the students to do well.

Documents Needed to Check Your WAEC Result Online

Some important documents are needed to check your WAEC results online. It is important you keep them very carefully after your WAEC exam. This is because chances of their replacement if they get missing are slim.

The following are needed to check your WAEC result online

Your ten- digit WAEC examination number

Your WAEC scratch card. This contains both your serial number and your Personal Identification Number (PIN).

How to Check Your WAEC Result Online

Although, checking your WAEC result online is not the only way to check your WAEC result, it is by far the most efficient. Just like carrying out any other task online, to check your WAEC result online, you will need internet connection. You should also have one of the following; an android device, a laptop, a desktop and a smart phone.

Checking your WAEC result can be done in 6 easy steps. They are

  • Visit
  • Enter your WAEC examination number. This is a 10-digit number
  • Enter your examination year
  • Enter your serial number
  • Enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN)
  • When you are done entering your details, click submit and wait for your result.

How to Check Your WAEC Result through SMS

To check your WAEC result trough sms, simply text a message in this format “WAEC*Exam Number*PIN*Exam Year* and send to 32327

Common WAEC Result Problems and Their Recommendations

Checking WAEC results online is supposed to be an easy task. However, once in a while little challenges arise when candidates are checking their results. Some result checking problems and their solution are listed below;

The problem of not adding WWW to the URL

On a standard website, this should not be an issue. Unfortunately, it is an issue on the WAEC website. To avoid this problem ensure you put WWW before the URL to be typed

The Problem Arising from the Use of Mobile Devices to Check Result

Checking your result with the use of a mobile device is known to reduce the number of your card’s validity. To avoid this problem, ensure you check your result from a PC.

Issues of Withheld Result

Problems related to withheld results arise one in a while. This is usually due to extra scrutiny and is not much of a problem. If you get involved in this, be patient and check your result again much later.

Cost of Checking WAEC Result

There is no cost involved in checking WAEC results as everything gets paid for in the course of registration. Although some candidates still buy scratch cards to check their results that is not necessary as all information needed to check results are contained on your photo card.

Apart from checking your result online, if you do not have access to the internet, you can get your result through sms.





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