How to Drive Traffic to Your New Blog Fast

So you’ve got a new blog. the design is stunning and boy the content is out of this world. However, traffic remains very poor when compared to how great your blog is.

The fact is that many factors contribute to making a blog much better than other blogs and this includes the speed at which that blog is indexed, the number of blog directories & normal directories that blog has been submitted to, the number and quality of backlinks and domain authority. All these little things can help drive more traffic to your blog.

Here are 15 great techniques you can use to drive traffic to your new blog fast:

Create keyword posts each day

Most of the top blogs around the world publish an average of 30 blog posts per day. These posts aren’t just fancy words, they’re are filled with keywords and phrases that people search for online. Find the keywords for your blog niche and build your content around them.

Submit your blog to My Yahoo

When you submit your own RSS to My Yahoo it is indexed by Yahoo.

Submit your blog to Google’s Reader

Submitting your own blog RSS to Google’s Reader will help the Google search engine index your website faster.

Trade Links

Links are a great factor when it comes to increasing the traffic on your blog. Add relevant link directories to your blog and trade links with other bloggers like crazy! You can also get more links by becoming a guest blogger.

Use ping sites services

Ping site services like ping-o-matic pings your site every time you add a new post on your blog.

Submit your blog to traditional search engines

You can also submit your blog to websites like AltaVista and MSN to boost your blog traffic.

Submit your blog to traditional directories

Traditional directories like DMOZ helps increase the relevance of your blog with Google. DMOZ might be picky about which directories to approve but what do you have to lose by trying?

Submit to RSS directories and search engines

If you’re looking to increase traffic, as soon as possible, you should submit your blog to as many RSS directories and search engines as you possibly can. You can use a software known as RSS SUBMIT to get this done fast.

Comment sensibly on other blogs

Comment sensibly meas that you should not just leave short, lazy and totally off comments like “I agree too.” or “Very informational post. Check out my blog” Leave well thought-out and interesting replies that will force readers to wonder “who exactly wrote this?”. This would most likely lead them to your own blog and increase your traffic.

Use track backs

If there is any blog that you refer to or quote and which is relevant to your  blog niche, you have to leave a track back. A track back increases your link popularity. This would also draw interested readers from the site you’re linking.

Try offline strategies

You can also get traffic to your blog by exploring offline channels. Use public bulletin boards, newspaper ads, business cards and even stickers to let as many people as you possibly can, know that your blog exists.

Tap into email signature block

Those you see links under the name of an email sender are also very effective for generating blog traffic. You can tap into its benefits by adding your blog link in your e-mail signature block.

Use groups

Find a relevant group on Google groups, Yahoo groups, MSN groups or any of the thousands of other FREE group services and find like minded people and talk with them. Make sure your use your blog URL like it is your name.

Explore the power of forums

Forums are one of the most popular places most people go to for advice online. Go to forums and find problems to solve that are within your blog niche. Be sure to leave your blog name with your helpful comments but you must be tactful about it. A lot of forums will slam you if they notice that you’re a link spammer.

Although this article contains some of the most popular ways to drive traffic fast to your new blog, we advice that you don’t limit your self these ideas. The online world is highly dynamic and Google is always changing its ranking metrics so always be updated on online trends, use your imagination and you’ll come up with many more ways to drive traffic to your new blog!

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