How to Get Chinese Visa in Nigeria – Latest Requirements

Thinking of applying for a Chinese visa in Nigeria? You’re not alone! Due to ever growing trade relations between Nigeria and China, there are lots of Nigerians visiting China for business reasons. Beyond business, Nigerians visit China for other reasons such as tourism and education.

Nigeria does not fall into the category of countries that can have their citizens enter China without a visa. As a result, when travelling to China, a visa is needed. Furthermore, the right type of visa is needed to avoid complications that come with the wrong visa type.

It is important to seek the help of an immigration expert to avoid making the wrong visa choice.

Types of China Visa

There are quite a handful of China visa types. China visa types are represented with Chinese phonetic letters. Service visa and diplomatic visas are not included in this list. They can only be obtained through government sources.

Non-Commerce Visa (F)

This is the ideal visa type for Nigerians visiting China for non-commercial reasons. Reasons for this visit include lectures, research, etc. This visa is valid for up to 90 days.

Tourist Visa (L)

This is the right visa type for Nigerians going to China for tourism. It is usually valid for about 60 days.

Business Visa (M)

If your purpose of visiting China is for commerce, this is the right visa type for you. This visa is usually valid for up to 10 years. However, duration for each visit should not exceed 60 days.

China Study Visa(X1/X2)

This is issued to individuals that have gained admission into a Chinese institute of learning.

X 1 visas are issued to students from out of China whose duration of study in China will be more than 6 months.

X 2 visas are issued to foreign students whose duration of study in China will be less than 6 months.

Work Visa (Z)

This is given to an individual that has gained employment in a firm located in China. This visa is also issued to family members of the applicant.

Resident Visa

This is issued to applicants who intend on staying permanently in China.

Journalist Visa (J)

This visa is issued to journalists on mission in China

J-1 visas are issued to foreign correspondents that are resident in China.

J-2 visas are issued to foreign correspondents visiting China for the purpose of conducting interviews.

Transit Visa (G)

This is issued to travelers who go Through China on transit.

Crew Member Visa(C)

This is issued to crew members officially attached to international transport companies. It is also issued to any family member travelling with them.

Group Visa

This is issued to tourists that are travelling as a group of five. A requirement for this type of visa is that every member of this group must travel together.

Family Visa (Q)

This is issued to foreigners who in tend on visiting their relatives that are Chinese citizens or foreign nationals that are permanently resident in China.

Private Visa (S-1)

This is issued to individuals that have the intention of living with immediate family members that are either working or studying in China.

Private Visa (S-2)

This is issued to individuals that have the intention of visiting close family members working or studying in China.

How to Apply for China Visa in Nigeria

Getting a Chinese visa could be complicated sometimes. Prior to applying for a China visa, it is expedient to know the type of visa that is best suited for your reason for travelling to China. Having a wrong visa could lead to lead to ugly incidences such as deportation and fines.

The first step in applying for a China visa is to schedule an interview at the Chinese embassy or consulate. This should be done on a Tuesday or a Thursday.

The next step is to show up in person for an interview. The outcome of the interview will determine if your application will be rejected or accepted.

When applying for a Chinese visa, a fee will have to be paid. This fee is dependent on how long you intend to stay in China.

After submitting your application, you will have to wait for 10 working days for your application to get processed.

If you want to speed up things and have your application possessed quickly, you will have to pay some more to make this happen.


Documents Required for China Visa

  • A valid passport which containing two blank spaces. The passport should have a validity of over 6 months
  • A copy of your visa application form. This should have your passport photo attached to it in the right place
  • An invitation letter form an institution or someone with permanent residence in China. This is dependent on your reason for going to China
  • One original copy and one photocopy of the applicants ID card. The original copy will be given back to the applicant after the interview session
  • Document showing financial status of applicant
  • A list of all the documents submitted
  • A document showing business connection with a company located in China
  • A photocopy of the passport Bio-data page of the applicant
  • Proof of hotel reservation.

Estimated Amount for Processing China Visa

The amount for processing a Chinese visa depends on the type of visa and the urgency with which the visa application is treated.

Visa fees are listed below

  • 12 months multiple entry  ₦15000
  • 6 months multiple entry    ₦10000
  • Double entry    ₦7500
  • Single entry   ₦5000

For those interested in quickening the processing of their applications, the following fees will be paid in addition to the regular application fees.

  • Processing Period of one day                ₦6000
  • Processing Period of 4 days                 ₦4000

Estimated Time for Possessing China Visa

Ideally, Chinese visas can be processed in 10 working days. Processing period can however be reduced to as little as 1 day by paying additional processing fees.

Estimated Cost of Travelling to China

The cost of flying to China from Nigeria is influenced by the passenger’s travel class, the airline you are travelling with and the city in China you area visiting.

The following is a list of flight costs from Nigeria to different parts of China

  • Lagos to Beijing                       ₦173,567
  • Lagos to Shanghai                    ₦175,532
  • Lagos to Tianjin                     ₦488,935
  • Lagos to Tongling                  ₦378,900

When travelling to China, it is best to book your flight tickets about 4 months before you travel. You should also be certain there is no ongoing festival when travelling to China as festivals are known to lead to an increase in the cost of flight tickets.

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